This page contains the recommendations of not only myTech.Today but of additional other sources. As with all things, proceed with caution and aware of your own free choice in the matter.

myTech.Today's Books Recommendations

  1. The Theory of Natural Philosophy - Large Edition - large ed. only
  2. Tragedy & Hope
  3. The Fourth Turning
  4. Behold a Pale Horse

Kamar-Taj Library, in Katmanndu, Nepal (From Dr. Strange)

00:35:43 - 00:38:30

  1. Astronomia Nova - The Book of the Invisible Sun
  2. Codex Imperium - Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon: From an Original Talismanic Grimoire in Full Color by Ebenezer Sibley and Frederick Hockley
  3. Vedic
  4. The Infallible Divination By Means Of Figures Or Arithmomancy Of Count Cagliostro - A Study of Time
  5. Tao Te Ching

Things to do in Chicagoland

  1. 15 Fantastic Free Things To Do In Chicago
  2. McHenry Drive-In - 1510 CHAPEL HILL ROAD MCHENRY, IL 60050 - Fri/Sat Night - open 6:30, movie start at sunset
  3. Morten Arboretum - 4100 Illinois Route 53 Lisle, IL 60532
  4. Chicago Botanic Garden 1000 Lake Cook Road Glencoe, IL 60022
  5. Candlelight Concerts in Chicago


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