How to export 4k video with Premiere Pro CS 5.5

The bullet points for altering frame size need amending as the order in which you do them is wrong. You have to do it in this order or the dreaded “Invalid framesize/framerate for this Level. Please lower the Frame Dimensions, Frame Rate or increase the Profile and Level and try again.” keeps popping up.
• ignore the TV Standard (it’s a trick question), pick PAL or NTSC – it doesn’t matter
• set the Pixel Aspect Ratio to Square Pixels
• set the Profile to High
• set the Level to 5.1
• set the Frame Width to 3840
• set the Frame Height to 2160
• change the frame rate to match your footage (unless you’re doing some conversion magic)

If you’re editing 2.7k footage, the frame width and height are 2704 and 1520 respectively. The last two parameters (Profile and Level) are responsible for giving the initial error message by the way.


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How to export 4k video with Premiere Pro CS 5.5

- by Jay Versluis

Cinematographers Greig Fraser, and Barry “Baz” Idoine and showrunner Jon Favreau employ new technologies to frame the Disney Plus Star Wars series.

The Mandalorian: This Is the Way

First employed in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the 360' degree real LED high-resolution display is now the standard set in the Disney Plus Show Star Wars The Mandalorian.

By using this type of set design, it allows for reflective costumes, like the lead character's costume, which is impossible in traditional green screen situations.  In a traditional green screen set, the green reflects in the reflective material on the set and becomes transparent to the composition with the effect leaking through the reflection spots.  With the 360' degree LCD background, the semblance of the background is correctly reflected in the shiny objects on the set.  Also, it allows for the most picturesque landscape scenery as the background of the entire series.

Mandolorian 3 HUC 003895 FD


Mandolorian 5 HUC 003923 FD