Control your desktop computer from your laptop

So, maybe you've been at work, or in bed, or on the sofa, with your laptop, and you need some info off of your desktop computer.

The old solution was to go to get up and go to your desktop, look up the info, then figure out a way to email it or something to your laptop.

Ughhhh!   Those days are over, thankfully. 

Using remote control software, you can easily log in to your desktop computer, from your laptop computer, and have full control over both machines, from your laptop.

This software is free, for personal use.

Let's say you are escaping Illinois for a trip somewhere, but you still need your programs and data off of your desktop computer.  With a battery backup power supply, to keep your computer running in the event of a power outage, you can, with confidence, know that you will be able to access your desktop at any time.

You don't need to be tied, physically, to your desktop computer anymore.

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Make your office Virtual

Ok, so your business is now shut down, as far as office work goes.  Everyone is at home, trying to figure out how to remain employed.

You have computers at the office, but your employees can't come in because we are practicing social distancing.

What are you to do?

Virtual Work!

  • All of your work computers can be remotely controlled from another computer across the internet.  Almost every function, except printing whatever peripherals are connected, is available over the internet, using easy to use remote software.  We can help you install and configure the remote software.
  • Sharing your files has never been easier with secure encrypted cloud storage software and Amazon Web Services S3 Cloud Storage.
  • Communicating with your employees is easier than email with free, real-time, instant messaging apps.
  • Video communications are easier with new, market place phenomenons such as Zoom.

At myTech.Today, we can set up and configure all of this so that your employees can continue their work and home.

Beware of opening unknown documents. Don’t even Preview them.

Microsoft says hackers are exploiting a vulnerability in ALL versions of Windows that lets them hijack users' computers — and there's currently no fix

  • The flaw emerges from the way that Windows handles and renders fonts
  • Hackers can exploit it by tricking users into opening a malicious document
  • Microsoft said that a patch addressing the flaw should be released on April 14
  • However, most outdated Windows 7 systems will not receive such an update
  • Meanwhile, the tech firm has released a list of workarounds for users to employ

Hackers are attacking recent versions of Windows, dating back to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.  The hackers are able to exploit a bug in the font rendering engine, which allows for them to take control of the machine.  Currently, there is no fix or protection against this vulnerability other than NOT OPENING UNKNOWN DOCUMENTS.  This applies to previews of the document as well. 

This also affects PDF documents.

This is a serious issues, and Microsoft expects to have a patch available by April 14th.

Remote Computer Service during COVID-19 Shelter in Place

Why is the net so slow?

So, you're at home, and the internet is slow or buffering.  Yes, it's happening to everyone.  Everyone. at home, is streaming and downloading content which puts a tremendous amount of strain on your local network, between your ISP router and the switch in your local neighborhood that routes all your internet traffic.  There is nothing that can be done at this point to fix this situation.  Upgrading your Internet service will not solve the problem because it's not a matter of capacity, but bandwidth.  The faster speeds that you pay for will still suffer from local network congestion.

Help, I need you to come to my house to fix my issue.

So, I've heard terrible things about being sick with COVID-19.  I have seen videos of recovering patients telling of how they prayed for their lives with each breath, during the worst of the infection.  No, thanks though.  At this point, I have decided that the risk of catching a terrible perhaps life-ending illness is not worth the $120/hr that you would pay me to come to your house to fix your IT issues.

Well, do you still do remote work?  I can still connect to the internet.

Yes, remote work is my special for the time being. since I can't do much else.  I can walk you through any tech steps that need to be taken, independent of the computer, such as router or WiFi problems.  If your computer can connect to the internet, then I can log in with remote control software, take control of your computer, and fix the problem.