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We offer remote and in-person computer services in Barrington, IL

Computer issues are frustrating. And as a business owner, you need IT solutions to keep your business running smoothly. MyTech.Today provides professional computer services in Barrington, IL and surrounding areas. Our team has over 50 years of experience repairing and reconfiguring technology, so we'll resolve any issue you're facing.

Unlike other computer consultants, we have an extensive background in hardware and software. One of our technicians has even developed and tested WebDAV protocols for Microsoft. We know the ins and outs of technology, so we'll get your device back online in no time.

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  • Procurement - We'll help you pick hardware and software to suit your business needs
  • Anti-Virus - Protect your computer or remove virus software from your device
  • Email Troubleshooting - Get Solutions when your email is running slow or won't load any emails
  • Networking and Hardware - call us for repairs when your computer isn't working or your Wi-fi won't connect.

Take advantage of affordable computer services

Technology can be expensive, so you need affordable solutions that keep your device running.

We work with you to get your technology issue resolved with:

  • Anti-virus solutions
  • Email troubleshooting
  • Network and hardware repairs
  • Hardware and software recommendations

Call us at 847-767-4914 now for a free 15-minute phone call with one of our computer consultants to get your hardware or software functioning again.

Call Us To Repair, Protect or Set up your Hardware and Software

You'll get swift and efficient solutions for any issue

Get remote solutions anywhere you live
Although we're based in Barrington, IL, our remote services are available for anyone in North America. We'll handle anti-virus solutions, repairs and computer diagnoses over the phone. We only provide in-person visits for businesses around Barrington, IL.

Email us to discuss the issues you're facing and how we can provide helpful computer services remotely.

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