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Best IT Services and Solutions

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  • 15-minute free phone call evaluation.
  • Trust an Expert to solve your problems quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Diagnostics/Troubleshooting of your problems.
  • We strive to be your Go-To, one-stop-shop for all of your information technology needs. Computer maintenance for all your needs.
  • Remote virus removal. Laptop repair live chat. Computer repair home visit.
  • Small business IT services for every type of user, including residential users in need.
  • Everyone's computer breaks. But your need to get back to work fast. We can drive to your location to take care of the problem. ASAP!
  • Monthly computer maintenance, computer services, clean up!
  • With our team, you'll have a relationship beyond the contract.

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Best IT Services and Solutions:

I need a new Computer 💻 or Hardware
myTech.Today uses 25 years of IT industry experience 💭 to select the best, most affordable options from which to choose that best fits your needs. Software, hardware, database as a service, whatever your need, we have the experience to knowledge to exceed your needs.
My system is infected ☣
There are many different options to deal with malware & viruses. Some options are pre-installed, are terrible & should be removed immediately. We offer the top-rated commercial and consumer-grade options for you depending on your budget and business needs. Group policies will be locked down, Hosts list blacklisted, and Microsoft Tracking & Telemetry stopped. We offer remote virus removal, as the prefered method. Viruses can not just slow down your computer but also compromise your data, including data loss. It's important to deal with the situation properly with the correct tools.
My email 💌 doesn't work
We have the expertise to handle your issues for Outlook, Outlook365, Gmail, or custom email provider. Personally, I worked to developing & testing the WebDav protocol, according to W3C standards, for Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint Servers, while working at Microsoft.
I can't connect to the internet router
Connectivity issues can stop your computer usage in its spot. Whether it's Cisco routers, Wifi, Network Adapters, DNS, or DHCP issues, we have the skill and knowledge necessary to solve all of your networking needs.
My printer 🖨️ won't print
We know all about fixing your printer issues. Cannon, HP, Brother, Minolta, Xerox are all in our repertoire.
Data Recovery is just one of the many services that we provide. Disaster recovery is a key part of my services. HDs will always crash eventually. Period. Do you have a plan for when that happens? We can provide one.
My 🖥️ is slow
Upgrading RAM is only one option for your system. Microsoft also bloats🤢 up the OS with extra software which can be removed. Most of the time when you update your operating system, it takes care of the issue. However, additional temp files accumulates which also need to have a clean up.
My site has no traffic 🚦
Your business goals, customers' behavior and the content you want to share will drive a comprehensive content strategy with clear guidelines. Based on the strategy, we help you produce new content such as video, search engine-friendly copy etc. where needed.

Furthermore, our services will boost your overall SEO to improve your ranking in Google's search results. From the creation of a solid SEO strategy to planning, content creation and follow-up, you have our support throughout the entire process.

Hardware ⚙️ Upgrades & Configuration
Many times the issue is a faulty piece of hardware or software that is misconfigured. Sometimes all that's needed is a quick tidy up. We always have the solutions for your business. With the ability to fix computer remotely, it's a touch-free solution.
Have some ideas?
Let's grab coffee and we can formulate a plan to integrate IT deeper into your business. IT is the future.

myTech.Today28 Google reviews 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Brian Monte"Kyle is my go to guy with anything and everything related to software and building my website. You can't go wrong!"
Pamela Wirsing"One terrific experience highly recommend him he made my new computer work well by transferring everything from the old to the new. I thought I had lost everything. He is a dream come true. Call him all your problems will go away"
Kim Henriksen"I highly recommend Kyle for all your tech support. He is very professional and responsive. He has helped me many times over the phone and at my home for all my technical issues. If you're looking for a highly qualified Tech Guy for business or personal issues , Kyle is your GUY!"
Hadley Donenberg"myTech.Today is very efficient and met with good results on my computer. I recommend him. Thanks."
Kenneth Greeson"Mytech upgraded my system from Windows 7 to 10. He did the whole thing remotely, across the internet. I am very satisfied with the work. I recommend Kyle for this service and anything else that you need."
Robert Berenson"myTech.Today did a great job of setting up and configuring my new laptop for my business trip tomorrow. They removed all of the bloatware, and installed everything I needed + extras, for free. "
Kenneth Greeson"Mytech upgraded my system from Windows 7 to 10. He did the whole thing remotely, across the internet. I am very satisfied with the work. I recommend Kyle for this service and anything else that you need."
Jim Dubinski"I appreciate Kyle helping me with my computer problems. He was very understanding and patience. I appreciate the work."
Barry Newman"Kyle helped facilitate my business meeting later this afternoon. He helped work through the problem, and the issue was settled quickly. Also, everything was performed remotely, which was a big convenience. Thanks, Kyle"
WILLIAM KARYE"Kyle did a amazing job fixing my home computer. He also changed the settings to make my computer screen easier to read. Thanks Kyle!"
David Studenroth"Kyle was helpful moving our IT systems in our offices. He was quick, efficient, and knowledgeable. I will definitely use him again in the future. Thanks again, Kyle."

IT Services:
iPhone Data Recovery:

If you are able to login into the phone, we can recover the data. All of the basic Apple technologies are within control: text messages, voicemails, contacts, notes, browser history, calendar items, What's App data, bookmarks, app data, emails, tasks, and settings, photos & video.

Remote Virus Removal:

In my experience, the default malware protection software that ships with a PC is wholely inadequate for the task. Most of these Anti-virus service providers spread their faulty software through licensing programs with computer manufactures and they piggy back on other more sought-after software. McAfee is the worst and most notorious offender, followed by AVAST, both of which are, in my opinion, useless. Norton Antivirus does a better, but still inadequate job, while consuming vast computer resources. For $84/year, we recommend a vastly superior anti-virus software suite that will protect your system in real-time as you surf the internet.

PUP Malware Removal, WeKnow, gandcrab, rootkit, fixmestick, trojan, elex, brontok, cobalten, neshta, fivto, sophos: the grand list of them can be removed with the right tools. The right tools don't come pre-installed, but from a skilled technician. I can also remote pc into your computer to avoid physical contact.

Disaster Recovery:

What would happen if one of your hard drives failed? Boom! Everything is lost. Just like, snap!, that! Do you back up your data? If so, you're smart and prudent. If not, you have to safeguard your investment. All of the time and money that you have devoted to efforts on your computer, will probably disappear if your hard drive fails.

How often some of them fail makes you think of it, like, an insurance policy. I hope you keep a fire extinguisher somewhere, right? A scheduled backup is the same idea. It doesn't intrude from day to day, except when everything fails, it saves the day. We have the tools and experience needed to recover your lost data, but also protect you from future calamities against your systems. I only use the best backup software for the job.

For a one-time-purchase of $40 & $18/month for 1 TB of scalable, encrypted, cloud-based storage, you can save your crucial business files and databases from fire, flood, tornado, looters, and 99.999% of all known calamities. These cloud backup services offer instant, online backup, affordable computer solutions for your data backup.

Network Support:

We design your network or take over from another vendor. New subnets, entire new domain or topologies, Cisco routers, home routers, changing DNS settings: whatever the task, we have the expertise to take care of all of your networking problems.

Help Desk Support:

This support comes in several forms: telephone support, email support, remote support and on-site support. All support is charged at stated rates.

Procurement & Computer Application Programming:

This service is much more bespoke in terms of what I can provide. If you have a computer application that needs to be updated or re-engineered, call us! My skill set is vast in this area, and I have a team of trusted resources that I can call upon for your hardware & software needs. Again, I have the IT services and solutions that you need to arrive at cheaper, faster, better.

Managed Services:

Proactively protects from ransomware and malware attacks with a three-layer approach web- filtering, real-time protection, and cloud-based backup. I'll provide the IT support so that you can provide for your customers.


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