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Free 15-minute phone call evaluation

TeamViewer remote control software: Windows macOS Android

#### Cost: $100/hr - $50 up front for on-site (pro-rated)


  • Hardware & Software Procurement
  • Managed services
  • Malware & Virus Cleanup and Monitoring
  • Email Support
  • Database Support
  • Certified Cisco Network Services
  • Disaster Data Recovery & Planning
  • Facebook - Spark AR
  • Gamified Social Media Marketing Campaign Development
  • Public Information Kiosks
  • Office Setup
    • Computer, monitor, printers, scanners, & extra peripherals

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Pamela Wirsing"One terrific experience highly recommend him he made my new computer work well by transferring everything from the old to the new. I thought I had lost everything. He is a dream come true. Call him all your problems will go away"
Kim Henriksen"I highly recommend Kyle for all your tech support. He is very professional and responsive. He has helped me many times over the phone and at my home for all my technical issues. If you're looking for a highly qualified Tech Guy for business or personal issues , Kyle is your GUY!"
Hadley Donenberg"myTech.Today is very efficient and met with good results on my computer. I recommend him. Thanks."
Robert Berenson"myTech.Today did a great job of setting up and configuring my new laptop for my business trip tomorrow. They removed all of the bloatware, and installed everything I needed + extras, for free. "
Kenneth Greeson"Mytech upgraded my system from Windows 7 to 10. He did the whole thing remotely, across the internet. I am very satisfied with the work. I recommend Kyle for this service and anything else that you need."
Jim Dubinski"I appreciate Kyle helping me with my computer problems. He was very understanding and patience. I appreciate the work."
Barry Newman"Kyle helped facilitate my business meeting later this afternoon. He helped work through the problem, and the issue was settled quickly. Also, everything was performed remotely, which was a big convenience. Thanks, Kyle"
David Studenroth"Kyle was helpful moving our IT systems in our offices. He was quick, efficient, and knowledgeable. I will definitely use him again in the future. Thanks again, Kyle."

What's wrong:

My computer stopped working, now what?

It can be any number of issues that stops your business cold. Email problems? Slow Computer? Printer & network issues? Migration? Data Recovery? Procuremen? Integration? Upgrades? Installations? Wifi Issues? Disaster Recovery? I perform on-site and remote service in the N & NW Suburbs of Chicagoland.

Web Design and Service

You need to update your web site Does your web site work on your mobile phone? Is it easy to read and click on the buttons? If not, call us. Research shows that around 30-40% of internet traffic comes to your site via a cell phone. If they can't read your site, they leave , immediately, which means a 30% drop in revenue at best.

Give us a call today to set up an appointment with our LOCAL Expert. On-site Service calls, Drop-Off/Pick-up services offered. Give us a call today!!!

Web Development:

Every site we design is mobile friendly.

We provide an internet solution to your business’s needs. It’s about more than just a website with your basic info. It’s about communicating with your customer base and pulling them to YOUR business over all others.

Some people just want their current site updated to a mobile-friendly version, with the same info. Others want to update and re-stylize their business around the latest and greatest: flat design styles, showcasing their business & offerings to the world. We can create a full eCommerce solution for you. If you want a special, customized program that coordinates your sales database info with your site, we can do that too!

Web Site Basics:

When we build your site, we provide the basics that every site needs:

  1. WordPress Installation
  2. WordPress Setup
  3. Choose and install the Theme
  4. Creation of Staging Site and Production Site
  5. Anti-virus & Malware Security Plugin
  6. Optimizer Plugin
  7. Plugin for advanced stylization and customization
  8. Backups and Restores with every submission to the production site
  9. Development on a staging site so as to remove downtime
  10. Security through obscurity plugin
  11. Analytics on each page and within each page
  12. Schema Markup
  13. XML site maps
  14. Robots.txt configuration
  15. SEO search engine entry building
  16. WebP Support
  17. WordPress Helper Plugins
    1. Shortcodes
    2. Child Theme Configurator
    3. Gutenberg Control
    4. Theme Security
    5. SiteBuilder
    6. Custom Font Control
  18. Backup of Staging Site, and Recover to Production Site

Structure & Layout:

The Structure and Layout of the Site determine the price.5-6 page vanity or business shingle sites start at $160/pageIf you think of every page that has a different layout as being a template, then each template will also cost $160/template, so in addition to a home page, etc, an eCommerce site will also have the category template, item template, and sales template(s) which each will cost $160/template. The cost of loading eCommerce items is calculated on a volume basis. If the number of items is excessive, sub-contractors may be used to spread the load.One Page is considered less than 600 words or fewer than 20 images or fewer than 10 videos.Themes and Plugins that require purchase will be added to the cost.

50% Discount Prices for those who qualify:

The IRS has some interesting Tax Credits for those companies that pay for qualified websites:

  1. You business must make $1M or less in Revenue in the Previous Year and
  2. Your business must employ 30 or fewer people If your business had revenue of $10M, but 17 employees, you still qualify.
  3. The website that you hire me to create for you must meet certain criteria set by law Otherwise, Uncle Sam pays 50% up to $5000 ($10,250 for a total job), per year, forever (or until the law is rescinded)


Virus Removal and Protection:

In our experience, the default malware protection software that ships with a PC is wholely inadequate for the task. Most of these Anti-virus service providers spread their faulty software through licensing programs with computer manufactures and they piggy back on other more sought-after software. McAfee is the worst and most notorious offender, followed by AVAST, both of which are useless. Norton Antivirus does a better, but still inadequate job, while consuming vast computer resources. For $30/year, we recommend a vastly superior anti-virus software suite that will protect your system in real-time as you surf the internet.

PUP Malware Removal, WeKnow, gandcrab, rootkit, fixmestick, trojan, elex, brontok, cobalten, neshta, fivto, sophos: the grand list of them can be removed with the right tools. The right tools don't come pre-installed, but from a skilled technician.

Disaster Recovery:

What would happen if one of your hard drives failed? Boom! Everything is lost. Just like, snap!, that! Do you back up your data? If so, you're smart and prudent. If not, you have to safeguard your investment. All of the time and money that you have devoted to efforts on your computer, will probably disappear if your hard drive fails.

How often some of them fail makes you think of it, like, an insurance policy. I hope you keep a fire extinguisher somewhere, right? A scheduled backup is the same idea. It doesn't intrude from day to day, except when everything fails, it saves the day. We have the tools and experience needed to recover your lost data, but also protect you from future calamities against your systems.

For a one-time-purchase of $40 & $18/month for 1 TB of scalable, encrypted, cloud-based storage, you can save your crucial business files and databases from fire, flood, tornado, looters, and 99.999% of all known calamities.

Network Support:

We design your network or take over from another vendor. New subnets, entire new domain or topologies, Cisco routers, home routers, changing DNS settings: whatever the task, we have the expertise to take care of all of your networking problems.

Help Desk Support:

This support comes in several forms: telephone support, email support, remote support and on-site support. All support is charged at stated rates.

Managed Services:

Proactively protects from ransomware and malware attacks with a three-layer approach web- filtering, real-time protection, and cloud-based backup.


Service Areas:

Instant Remote Support:

Continental USA

Chicago North Shore:

Highland Park | Glencoe | Glenview | Lake Forest | Great Lakes | Deerfield | Northbrook | Winnetka | Highwood | Lake Bluff | Northfield | Riverwoods | Lincolnshire | Mettawa

Chicago North West Suburbs:

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