Cloudberry, AWS, Duplicati - Cloud Drives and Backups

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Cloudberry Labs line of Cloud Drive and Backup software provides a reasonably priced dual set of programs to bring your business into the age of high reliability, security, and low-cost data storage solutions.

Cloudberry Drive acts as a local hard drive onto which you can save and share files with securely selected users across the internet.   Amazon Web Services S3 Cloud Storage provides the tightly controlled individualized user accounts with the necessary permissions to share, and store business data in 'the cloud' without worrying about data thieves stealing your data or rogue employees trashing your systems.

Cloudberry Backup uses the same Amazon Web Services S3 Storage, but this time, your computer's vital files are 'automagically' backed up to 'the cloud' no matter where in the world the user is located.  They can be in their office down the hall, at home, or on the road, and the backups still occur like clockwork.

An open source alternative to Cloudberry Backup exists in the form of the program called Duplicati.

Duplicati performs almost all of the same functions as Cloudberry Backup, but its source code is maintained on Github, and there is no tech support to escalate business critical issues.  However, as a reliable, free alternative it maintains a place in the backup and restore toolbox.