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Pushing my kids to learn to programme for their Future.

I finally just told my kids that they have no other option but to learn to program.  Assuming that computers will continue to increase in importance in the workplace, schools, and world, my kids need to learn to program.  There really is no other option.  Every career that they can choose in the future will have some component that will require the ability to program.

In an effort to find a free, high-quality education, I researched and found the source for online learning.  It has a comprehensive program that is accessible to learners of any age, skill or ability.

The courses range from the most basic, elementary school level programming series all the way to Harvard Colleges CS50 Programming Courses, which can be accessed either in a free/audit manner with no certificate to certificate-based classes for a fee, where the student can earn their college credits.

There really is no better way to prepare the youth of the world, including your own children, with the necessary tools to succeed in their future endeavors.