Facilities Wiring Services

Facilities Wiring Services

Wired connections are the most reliable & fastest way to connect to the internet.  If your Wifi is unreliable due to obstructions or distance, wiring an access point to far-flung locations is the best option.

We deal with three different types of customers with our Facilities Wiring Service:

  • Homes (single router and computers)
  • Small Offices (12 computers, 1 router, and a server closet)
  • Medium sized Office (anything requiring 2 routers or more)

We can professionally wire your place whether it’s a house with three computers or an office with three hundred.

The backbone of any information network is its wiring structure. How you wire your office or home can be the most important factor determining the quality (speed and reliability) of your network. Sound wiring is crucial in providing a stable and reliable environment for your computing operations. We can help you design, install and maintain this critical component of your network.

We offer complete certified premises wiring solutions. myTechy.Today is a full-service cabling contractor providing professional data, voice and video services including design, installation, certification and maintenance of structured cabling networks. We have the resources to provide your business with a solution to all of your cabling needs. We specialize in the Cat-5 and Cat-6 cabling solutions including full cable management.

Backbone Wiring

Includes all wiring between telecommunications closets, equipment rooms, and entrance facilities, including all cables, mechanical cable terminations, and intermediate and main cross-connects. It connects facilities on the same floor, from floor to floor, and even between buildings.

Horizontal Wiring

Includes all cabling from a work-area wall jack to the telecommunications closet. The outlets, cable, and cross-connects in the closet are all part of the horizontal wiring, which gets its name because the cable typically runs horizontally above ceilings or along the floor.

Server Closet Wiring

Server closet is a room or cabinet that holds distribution frames, cross-connects, and other hardware needed to connect horizontal wiring to backbone wiring. Most businesses have at least one wiring closet or an area dedicated to network connectivity.


Cable Administration

Includes all aspects of premise wiring related to documentation and managing of the cabling system (i.e. labeling cables and wall-jacks), testing the system, as well as the architectural plans for the system.