How to spot and fix the biggest UI problems

How to spot and fix the biggest UI problems

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Michal MalewiczJuly 12th, 2020 · 4 min read

"We are in the new „super-agile” era, an in many cases low-cost MVP’s are being built, that skip the Designer role for financial reasons.

There are great design systems and free libraries out there, so even the developers can create something that looks high-fidelity enough for initial user testing and idea validation.

Whether it is adapting a design system, or coding your own based on some inspirations, there are some problems you’re going to encounter along the way. I believe it’s important for developers to understand design, and the reason many don’t dive into it, is because of a big misconception:

I’m not an artist

UI Design is as far from art, as development. Obviously, you can add illustrations to your project, but that’s the one piece of artwork in the entire process and it’s usually done by an illustrator, not the designer."