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Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun | Third Edition

Ben Davidson

Publication Date: May 1, 2020


The field of solar-terrestrial physics is growing in depth and reach. Space weather has become a recognized actor in weather, long-term climate change, seismicity, technological performance, and biology. Combined with cosmic rays from the galaxy and beyond, the light, particles, and magnetic fields of the sun interact with various layers of the earth from the outer magnetosphere down through the ionosphere and atmosphere, and even affecting the crust, mantle and perhaps the core. This third edition of the literature review covers ~500 of the most-important studies describing the interactions of earth and sun, including a new chapter on extreme solar activity.

Keywords: Solar, Space Weather, Climate, Cosmic Rays, Geophysics


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Sticky Papers:

Archive Papers:

June 2020

June 1
EM Headaches:
Major Climate Shifts w/Solar Grand Cycle:
Czech Geomagnetic Vulnerability:
Primordial Fields:
Biases w/Baryons… “Ignore Them!”:
DM Alternatives:
Novel Magnetic Insight:

June 2
Hotter Milky Way Halo:
Spinning Universe Dipole:
Novae and Lithium:
Giant Starspots: galaxy galactic halo dipole spin

June 3
Ionization Makes Galactic Size:
Geoengineering Article:
sgrA* Visualization:
Milky Way Center Outburst:
Magnetic Fields Control Galactic Center:
Mega-Fauna Article:

June 4
Closest Young Dwarf w/Disk:
Spinning Fermi Bubbles:
Close X-ray Pulsar in Magellanic Stream:
Intergalactic Filaments Spin:
Even Earlier Galaxies, No PopIII Stars Found:
Cosmic Timeline is Wrong:
Mars Dust Spark Discharge:
AGN Sim:

June 5
Storm Buffers:
Phobos Still a Mystery:
New Way to Gamma:

June 6
Yellowstone Waning:
Hiawatha Article:
New Iron Phase:
Molecules at High Speed:
Hubble NGC 6441:
Flat Universe Means CMB Data is Off:

June 7
Nova Dust Grains on the Moon:
Solar Superstorms and GEC Increase:

June 8
Galaxies Without Dark Matter:
Geomagnetic Microbiota:
Win/Lose Climate Model Changes:
Gases and Climate:
Al26 Article:

June 9
157 Day FRB Cycle:
Victoria Plate:
Titan Moving Away:
ALMA Dust Rings:
May US Climate Report:
Dust-Hiding Corinos:
Cycle 25 Begun?

June 10
Veil of the NWO:
Turbulent Fields for Super Electron Speed:
Lagos Rainbow Nightmare:
Missing Money:
Volcano Under Europe:
Planck Problems Video:
Hidden City Revealed:

June 11
Lunar Rock Falls:
Cosmic Ray Reflection:
Earlier CME Detection:
More Limb CMEs:
Galactic Magnetic Star Formation:
Ionized Galactic Outflows:

June 12
Less Geoeffective Solar Wind:
Earth Structure:
More Challenges for Cosmology:
Vintergatan Cosmo-Sims:

June 13
Pollution Map:
Pink Lake:
Solar Observatories:
Cold Atom Lab:
Neutron Lifetime:
Mountain Heigh is Based Underground:

June 14
Real Ozone Hole Cause?:
They Can’t Explain Solar Storm Effect (It’s the Magnetic Field):
More Confirmation of Cloud Biases:
Solar System Magnetism and the Ionosphere:
Good GIC Progress, but still Short:
Cycle 25 Prediction:
May Global Climate Report:
Hubble NGC 2608:

June 15
M17 Parker Instability:
Galaxies and Parker Spiral:
Magnetic Fields from CR Instability:
Solar-MLT Connection:
Surface Brightness Issue for Dark Matter:

June 16
Can-Aus Fossil:
Dust & the CMB:
New Milky Way Merger Sim:
Solar Orbiter’s First Perihelion:
ETs and FRBs:
30 Intelligent Civilizations in Milky Way right now:
Pre-Quake TEC:

June 17
Bee Article:
6 Billion Earths:
ELFIN Mission:
sgrA Models:

June 18
At Least 2.5x Carrington is possible:
Quasar Particle Acceleration:
Baby Magnetar:
Cosmic Lighthouses:
Solar Eclipse:
China Volcano:
CGM Articles:

June 19
XENON1T Found… What?
X-ray Flare and Nuclear Reactions at Star:
Panchromatic Nova:
Ocean Worlds:
Nova Lab:
Recurrent Novae:

June 20
Planets and the Sun:
Planets/Flares Paper:
Cold Slabs:

June 21
Electric Ash Source?
Rapid Cooling/Storms w/Freshwater:
Aerosols and Clouds:
Superlightning Record:
SC25 Forecast:
Solar Forcing of MSTIDs:
Solar Protons in Climate Models:
So… 3 Stars in the Egg Nebula Now?
CMIP6 Cyclone Uncertainty:
Shorter Cyclone Lifespans, More Intense Peaks:
Mars. Ozone:
Electrically Charged Martian Dust Storms & Chlorine Cycle:
Nonlinear Magnetic Fields in Thin Current Sheets Inside of Sheets:
Lightning Video:

June 22
Dr. P.M. Robitaille on Planck Point Sources:
Chemtrail article:
Record Low Southern Australia Cyclones:
Rethinking the Core:
Rethinking The Ice Sheet History:
eROSITA X-Ray Sky:

June 23
“2 Black Hole Galaxies”
Pluto Atmosphere Loss:
Alien Sunsets:
Close Hot Jupiters:
Not So Fast Xenon1T:

June 24
Dark Dust & 40% Distance Jack:
Eruption and Ancient Cold:
New Space Molecule:
Cosmology Thesis:

June 25
Cosmic Ray Maximum:
Supermassive Quasar Crushes Timeline:
Diamond Rain:
Dr. Robitaille’s Latest:
XENON1T Sees Tritium:
Water & Blot Echos:
Young Planets Start From Many Different Disks:
Flare-Blasted Exoplanet:
Solar Neutrinos:
OTF2020 Refunds:

June 26
Magnetic Universe:
Confirming the 3.5 keV mission is not Dark Matter:
GAIA Struggles:
Clouds and Climate Models:
Bat Shadow:
Comet F3 (Neowise):;old=0;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0
Happy Penguins:

June 27
Earth History:
Hubble NGC 5907:
Direct Weather/GEC connection:
Push for Plasma:
Ireland Tsunami Threat:
Particle Mystery:

June 28
Magnetic Anomaly:
GEC and Clouds:
Rapid Electric Surface Response to Space Weather:
GEC and Cosmic Dusty Plasma:
Starwater from Hydroxyls:

June 29
Regional GIC Variability:
Magnetic Map:
GIC Risk Underestimated:
Unawareness in Modern Geology:
Magnetic Dusty Pinballs:

Jun 30
Disastrous Forecast:
Reality vs Climate Models:
Magnetic Ice:
Betelguese Starspots?

May 2020

May 1
Rings and Arcs Around Stars:
Switchbacks Original in Corona?
Is the Sun Merely Sleeping?
German Dry:
Gigantic Hail:
May Forecast:
Largest Galactic Fields:
Mass in the Axis of the Web:
Between Ring and Planet:

May 2
Dark Gas Filaments:
Put Up or Shut Up for Dark Matter:
Warming WAY Overestimated:
Greenland Ice Tsunami:
Galaxies and Life:
Europa Up Close:
eRosita X-ray Sky:
Perfect Current:

May 3
Pre-Filament Eruption Fields:
Chromospheric Cavity:
Major Storm Recurrence:
Subvisible Solar Fields and Coronal Chemistry:
Rapid Transition, New Date of Chron Reversal:
Cooling Flow Problem Paper:
UV Mega-Arc Discovery:
MoonQuakes Today:

May 4
Solar Forcing of Peatlands:
Close Asteroid:
Hubble NGC 4100:
Massive CGM Model:
Thick Disk DOES Exist:
No DM Needed 1:
No DM Needed 2:

May 5
Deerfield, MA Superlightning:
Weird Methane Distribution:
Wild Light-Induced Changes:
Mars Field Stuck Around:
Magnetic Salmon:’s-orientation-suggesting-they-navigate-magnetite-their-tissue
Oil and Gas in Space, from Shockwaves/Radiation Heating:
Rethinking Space Dust-Water, Completely:
Stellar Disk Hiding in Plain Sight:
Land Ice Height Change:

May 6
Hiding Galactic Nuclei:
A New-Old Cosmology Paper:
Biology and Atmospheric Electricity:
Re-Hunting Dark Matter:
Brown Dwarf Binary System:

May 7
2017 SEP Event Model:
Plasma Thruster:
Desalinization Map:
Closest “Black Hole” is 1000 Light Years Away:
Russians, Plasma in Space;

May 8
Jupiter Storms:
Ocean Productivity:
Strongest Gamma Burst:
Hilarious COVID Article:
AO is NAO:

May 9
Parker Spiral Galactic Sheet:
DM Paper:
Water Vapor Cools, and Will Cool More:
Polar Sat Orbit:
Vit D and COVID:
Stress and Virus (Amphib):
Stress and Virus search:
Stress and Immune search:

May 10
Clusters in the Web:
Plasma Pressure in M31:
Arctic Fish Like Global Warming:
Neuva Leon Tornado:
Geomagnetic Excursion Effect on Weddell Sea:

May 11
World Ships:
Geomagnetic Max 5000+ years ago:
Heliospheric Current Sheet:
Revisiting the 1956 SEP Event:
Pole Shift due to Flux Lobe Changes:
Excursions are Extinction Events:

May 12
Abell 2384:
Superflare 16LY Away:
April US Climate:
Red Ryugu:
Betelgeuse Video:

May 13
Gobekli Tepe:—turkish-temple
Ancient Migrations Now Underwater:
Alaska Rainforest:
AI Hubble Legacy & Morpheus:
Spheroid Star-Forming Magnetic Fields:
SOFIA and Pluto:

May 14
No DM in AMS-02:
Jupiter Aurora Challenge:
Europa Plumes:
Electricity Changes Clouds and Rain:
Herouni’s Channel:
TESS Stellar Pulsations:

May 15
Deep Galaxy Issue:
Primordial Magnetic Helicity:
Solar-Wind, Clouds and Surface Pressure:
Largest Shield Volcano:
Early Human Advancement:
Trappist-1, Aligned:

May 16
More Paleoclimate Disagreement:
ENSO Negative Upcoming:
April Global Climate:
Close Tiny Stars:
A Star Dips and Jumps:

May 17
Magnetic Dusty Pinballs:
CMIP6 MJO/QBO Screwup:
Ensemble Projections have Lower Warming:
36yr CH/SSBC Cycle:
NAO (and Sun) Control Europe Temps:

May 18
SZ at Megascale:
Blot Paper:
Warming Pause in China:
No Reconnection Space Weather Charge Exchange:
(2019) GEC Tied to Ionosphere:
Geomagnetic Storm Joule Heating:

May 19
New Gamma Catalog:
Helical Architecture:
Gulf of Mexico Landslide/Tsunami Risk:
Dark Matter Interaction Missing:
Paper in Nature:
Dark Photon Constraint:
Anisotropic Expansion Challenged:

May 20
Protoplanet Snapshot:
Hurricanes Getting Stronger:
Pluto Atmospheric Pressure Decrease:

May 21
New OSIRIS-Rex Date:
ESO Sees Planet Birth:
ALMA Adds to the Early Universe Problems:
Magnetosheath Energy Dissipation Near Current Sheets:

May 22
ALMA Nebula Fields:
Wobbly Discs:
TESS Spots Star Flung by Gaia-Enceladus:
Cosmic Ray Life:
Cosmic Ray Sim:
NOAA 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Forecast:
Magnetar FRBs?

May 23
New SWARM Article:
2010 Field Loss Article:
Hubble Galaxy KK 246:
ALMA sees Galaxy at Sub-mm:
Glowing Coral:
Ancient ‘Eden’:
Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille on WMAP:

May 24
Solar Cycle 25 Forecast:
Hidden Solar Field Cycle:
SEP Access to Inner Magnetosphere:
Surprise from Gold re: Magnetic Field:
Sulfur in the Solar Wind:

May 25
Indian Ocean Forcing:
CMB Issues:
Common Errors:
Primordial Fields and Galaxies:
ATLAS Asteroid:

May 26
Genetic Memory is Real:
Milky Way – Sag Dwarf Collision & Sun Formation:
Cosmic Ring of Fire:
Congrats Dr. Pawlowski:
Solar Cycle 25 Forecast:
Night Lights Article:
Russians, Plasma in Space;
Excursion or Reversal?

May 27
Amazing Space Image:
Fast Blue Optical Transients:
Underwater Tornado:
Mars Electric Current:
The First Magnetism:
Electric Space Sailing:
Electric Field Curveball:

May 28
FRBs Find Missing Matter:
Visuals for FRB paper:
One FRB Example:
New ET Classes:
Geoengineering = Bad:
Proxima b:

May 29
VLA Radio Lobes:
AGN Feed in Clusters:
Ozone Loss Extinction:
Planet Formation in Westerlund:
Newly Detected CGM Content:
MoG Beating LCDM with Planck:

May 30
Mud on Mars:
The Straight Line Filament:
Deep Quake Mystery:
“Black Hole” Outburst:
New Sunspots:

May 31
Oversensitivity of Climate Models:
Asian Hydroclimate and Solar/NAO Forcing:
Bottom side Ionosphere Not Well Modeled:
Structure of Galactic Disk:
More CMB Trouble:
Hubble NGC 3895:

April 2020

Apr 1
Earth Shaking a Little Less:
GRACE-FO Water Maps:
Hubble Finds Intermediate “Black Hole”:
Massive CGM:
Telescope Joke Paper:
Vampire Joke Paper:

Apr 2
SD Flooding:
Galaxy Field/Sheet:
Sun-Like Star Superflare:
Nearby Slow Diffusion Zone?
Sort-Of Joking Paper:
Plasma Science Future:
25,000 Year Old Mammoth Bone Structure:
April Forecast:

Apr 3
No CO2 Effect:
Climate Conflict:
SLAC’s Confused DM Group:’s-satellites-help-reveal-link-between-dark-matter-halos-and-galaxy
Hot Antarctica:

Apr 4
Geomagnetic Mantle Study:
Still No Axions:
Hubble NGC 4651:
Math Controversy:
Learning From Mercury’s Magnetism:
More Climate Conflict:
Volcano Forcing:
CMIP6 Still Biased and Flawed:
March Global Temps:

Apr 5
Radio Halos, But What Cause?
Solar Dust Production Zone:
Electric Dust Explosion:
Chain-Reaction Eruptions:

Apr 6
Solar Cycle Prediction:
South America Drought:
30 Years Later – Roy and Christy:
Geomagnetic Storm Penetrating Field:
Almost Real Time VTEC:

Apr 7
Solar Forcing on Saturn:
Solar-Seismic Quakes:
Blazar Discovered:
Nuclear Theory Challenged:

Apr 8
Scenario #4:
US Solar Storm Risk:
Ozone Hole:
Relativistic Quasar:
IPCC Problems:
Collapsing Magnetic Fields Trigger Gamma Bursts:
Apollo 13 Site:

Apr 9
Electric Currents Link Galaxy Lobes:
Non-Uniform Expansion:
March US Climate:
Plasma CGM Haloes Are Enormous:

Apr 10
3 Disasters Ago in Australia:
“Black Hole” Bends Light?
El Nino Article:
Warped Galactic Disk:
Bad Ocean Climate News:
Good Ocean Climate News:
Don’t Spray The Sky:
Excellent Expansion Article:
Brown Dwarf Wind Speed:
From Dust, Trappist:

Apr 11
Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun 3:
Dust Heating:
QBO in Circles:
Global Bath:
Interstellar Magnetic Field:

Apr 12
Space Tether Orbital Boost:
Magnetism Triggers Quakes:
TEC and Geomagnetic Storms:
Galactic Center Brightening Still:
Closest Communicating Life:
Penetrating Electric Field:

Apr 13
No Ultra-Light DM in Dwarfs:
2010 Solar Storm:
Hubble NGC 2273:
Lightning More-Intense Over Ocean:
Toothbrush Relic:
Electroquakes Japan:
Deep Geoelectric Structure:

Apr 14
Jets, Light Acceleration – NOT Collision:
Bepi Bye Bye:
Hypernova King?
Leaky Core:
Nova Shockwaves:
Cyclone Harold:

Apr 15
March Global Climate:
100th Lunar Impactor:
SRG Halfway Done:
Energetic Quasar Wind:
Volcano Climate Article:
Irregular Quake Patterns:
Hot Solar Wind:
NASA Pollution Article:

Apr 16
Chile Drought:
Apollo Virtual:
Ocean Floor Organic Compounds:
IMERG Tornado Outbreak:
Earth Analog?
sgrA Flux Chart:

Apr 17
Last Night’s Cosmology Video:
Ozone Record:
Stellar Orbit Geometry:
Galactic Plane:

Apr 18
12000 Years Climate:’s-archives-piecing-together-12000-years-earth’s-climate-story
Saturated Fields:
Weather Mod Article:

Apr 19
Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun 3:
It’s Hotter When it’s Sunny:
Geoengineering Paper:
Re-Write the Tree of Life:
Hubble NGC 2906:
More Dusty Galaxies Hiding:
Cycle Fani Strong GEC Effect Evidence:
Solar Wind/Current Sheet Article:

Apr 20
Space Energy, Polar Vortex, Planetary Wave Train:
New Models, No Major Global Warming:
Local Cosmic Filaments:

Apr 21
Stars Tossed into CGM:
SOFIA Out of Time:
New Sort of LIGO GW:
Electric Currents and Sunspot Eruptions:
Solar Magnetic Fields:

Apr 22
Kira and Lulu Give-Away:
Human Submarine Cable EM and Invertebrates:
Disappearing Planet:
Proba-V Re-Assigned:
WFIRST, Hubble and James Webb:
Electricity and Precipitation:
Primordial Fields:
SDO Blog Article:
Planets and the Solar Cycle:
Changing Phantom Dark Matter:
40% of Early UV Sources Obscured by Dust:
SVS Videos:

Apr 23
Early Rotation Galaxies:
Kilonova Article:
X100 Super Flare:
Galactic Plane:
Umbra-Penumbra Field Boundary:
Water-Rock Distinction not Clear:

Apr 24
It’s Dust:
Star Captured:
Supercomputer Time:
Moon Map:
Solar Flares and Airline Industry:

Apr 25
Giant Radio Relic:
Seismic Map of the USA:
Hubble NGC 2014 and NGC 2020:
ESA Namib:

Apr 26
Atmospheric Electricity Paper:
Solar Climate Forcing:
Schumann Cardiac Co-Occurring Effects from Solar Cause:
Space Weather and Technology:
Geomagnetiquake 1:
Geomagnetiquake 2:
C14 Re-Evaluation:
Galactic Fields:
Strong Small-scale Dynamics in ISM Fields:
Solar Wind Sheet Speed and Spectra:
Increased Future Solar Forcing… Whether Warming or Reversal:
Internal Variability Dominates:

Apr 27
Solar Ozone Forcing:
Example of Irradiance Only in CMIP6:
CMIP6 and Ice:
Middle Atmosphere is Critical:
Sun/Volcanoes Dominate Forcing:
Early Bowhunter:

Apr 28
Scenario #4:
How Hot They Think it Will Get:
Borisov Water:
Moon Laser:
Astrophysics Observation Paradigm Shift:
Astrophysical Evolution Paradigm Shift:
Universe Has Direction?
Go High to Survive:
Sensei Still Says No Dark Matter:
Ozone Fast Recovery:“hole”-arctic
Venus Atmospheric Tidal Wave:

Apr 29
Missing Geologic Time – Many Smaller Events:
The Disk Diving Plasma Core:
1998 OR:
ATLAS Breakup:
Bose-Einstein Condensate Repulsion:

Apr 30
Bipolar Nova:
Charged DM Nonsense:
Thunderstorm Isotopes:
Fracking Safer:
Diversity = Survival:
Pre-Quake Wobble:
Keplelr 88d:
Stellar Magnetic Field Induction Volcano Trigger:
Orion Water:

March 2020

Mar 1
FREE version of our paper:
Hubble NGC 691:
Stellar Fields Underestimated:
Webb to Survey Uranus/Neptune:
Giant Radio Galaxies:
Cycle 25 … This Year:
China Electroquake:
Plasma Turbulence Coronal Heating:

Mar 2
New Tibet Ice Measurement:
Millenial Cycles:
CO2 Struggling in CMIP6:
Bok Globule BHR 71:
NatGeo Lightning Article:
Volcanoes Don’t Need Ash for Lightning:

Mar 3
Western Limb Geoeffectiveness:
White Dwarf Surprise:
Binary Not Affecting Planet Formation:
Maybe Cotton Candy Planets Just Have Rings:
Space Weather Risk Model Improvement:
Why the Ocean Needs Feeding:
Sea Level Rise in America Was SAME Before Industry:
Harvard on Turbulence:
Galactic Collision for Milky Way Warp?

Mar 4
Germanium DM search:
BEC Dark Matter:
Ionosphere Affects Ground Current:
Galactic Disk Spiral Perturbation:
Book About Cuvier:
Cyclical Deluges:
…And here:
World in Peril:
Adam and Eve Story:

Mar 5
Solar Flare Pulsations:
Mars Rover Panoramic:
Sentinel/Landsat Coverage:
Climating Blind:
North Pole Frigid:
DOE Has “Great” New Climate Model:
… their paper shows otherwise:
EU Climate Idiots:

Mar 6
Latest Zharkofail:
ALMA Water Fountain:
Strong Vibrations in Jagged Rock:
Mars Crater:
Former Life on Mars:
Electric Currents and Solar Flares/CMEs:
San Diego Earthquake Risk:

Mar 7
SOFIA Article:
US Feb Climate:
Betelgeuse Micronova Evidence:
Amazon Burning, Unremarkable:
OLD Geomagnetic Jerk Article:
Geomagnetic Intensity Map:
Radcliffe Wave Article:

Mar 8
Solar Forcing Planetary Waves:
New Zealand Geomagnetic Risk:
Dangerous Auroral Omega Bands:
Gothenburg Mystery:
Flares, Aurora, and Electric Current:
Last Month Alfven Article:
Pre-Quake Ionosphere:
Pre-Quake TEC:
Climate Models have Major Uncertainties:

Mar 9
It’s a Solar System Circuit:
Galactic Plane Field Undulates:
Galactic Fields Extend to Halo:

Mar 10
Another Impactor?
Mystery Not Even Close to Solved:
Steering onto Bennu:
Pulsing Teardrop Binary:

Mar 11
Slime Mold, Cosmic Web?
New Moon Hypothesis Need:
Solar Forecast:
Geomag Max in Mesopotamia:
Amazon to Disappear?
…Probably not:

Mar 12
New TNOs:
South Georgia Island:
Greening in Buffalo Land:
Iron Rain Planet:
Melt-Water Pulse:
Huge Nova:
New Cosmology Needed:

Mar 13
Turbulence on Stars:
AGN Plasma Cosmology:
Solar Wind Density is Key to Superstorms:
Density Waves in the Galaxy:

Mar 14
ESA Moon Station:
Earth Tilt & Ice Ages:
Feb2020 Global Temps:

Mar 15
Hubble NGC 1589:
The Dumbest Article of the Decade:
Arctic Climate Science Uncertainty:
Cloud Climate Uncertainty:
Climate Science Struggles:
Solar Grand Cycle Forcing Asian Monsoon:
Cali Quake Paper:

Mar 16
Weather Playlist:
Sun & Soybeans:
GEC Cardiac Connection?:
Galactic Center Ramping Up:

Mar 17
DM No-Show in Local Dwarf Galaxies:
Now There are Four, Soon There Will Be Two:
Deep Microbes:
Early Mantle Field Production:
Squatterman Iran:
The Biggest Hullabaloo About Nothing:

Mar 18
Long Pre-Quake Identification:
Before/After Taal:
Nuclear Winter:
Earth-2-Sky Calc:
Warped Disk:

Mar 19
Connected Nova:
Spiral Disk:
Greenland & Antarctica:
Sharper ‘Black Hole’ Images:
Starwater Mercury:

Mar 20
Strange Orbits on Tatooine Planets:
Perseus Says No Axions:
Galactic Superwave – Fermi Bubbles Tied to Galactic Sheet:
Origins of Massive Stars:
Dog Senses Quake:

Mar 21
DoD Says Flu Vaccine Makes You Susceptible to Coronavirus:
Flooding Ancient Turkey:
Green Vegetation Fraction:
Plasma UFO Patent:
Plasma Universe Doc:

Mar 22
NCG 4237:
Fast Invisible Plasma Flow for STEVE:
Japan now a Long-Term Earthspot:
Solar Forcing (Waves) on Troposphere/Stratosphere:
Solar Forcing of Thunderstorms:
Parker Instability + GCR = Galactic Sheet:

Mar 23
Geoengineering Paper:
Role of Magnetic Fields (2020):
Role of Magnetic Fields (1980):…93…27M
More Role of Magnetic Fields:
Type 1 X-ray Burst… in Infrared:
Giant Moon Safety Zone:
No DM Needed:
NorthAm Winter:

Mar 24
Interstellar Arks:
Solar Event Questioned, Cycle Forcing Confirmed:
Star Formation in Nearby Clouds:
Christmas Island Redraws Wallace’s Line:
Fun Playtime Cosmo Theory:
Ancient Star in Binary Dance:

Mar 25
Electric Current Before Japan 2011 Quake:
Electroquakes in Asia:
Low X-Flare Geoeffectiveness in 2002:
Magnetic Field of the Sun:
3D MHD Sunspot Sim:

Mar 26
NOAA Says Flares will be Higher:
LUX Fails 14 Times:
3300BC Solar Blast:
GMO Cotton: https://source.w;
Methane Animations:
Uranus Mystery:
Water Hunter on the Moon:

Mar 27
A Stable Nursery:
Dark Matter Interpretation Wrong:
Bad GHG Student Project:
Why do Jet Streams Block?
Volcanoes Don’t Force ENSO:
Earth Heat Exchange:

Mar 28
Ozone Loss, More UV, Sterile Trees:
More on 3.5 KeV Dark Matter Fail:
Vietnam Rice Fields:
Early AGN Outburst:
Hubble NGC 4618:

Mar 29
Current Systems at Earth:
Polar Wind & Magnetic Strength:
More Axion Constrains:
Hidden Astrofields:

Mar 30
Primordial Fields Thread Cosmic Web and Amplify:
The No-Nova:
Langmuir Wave Packets:
Ozone Loss Drove Extinctions?
Lunar Piss Base:

Mar 31
Co-Rotating Global Clusters:
Solar Ring Mission:
Gamma Ray DM Search Review:
GCR Trapped in MHD Turbulence:
Santorini Erupted 3500 Years Ago:

February 2020

Feb 1
Feb 2
Making Amino Acids w/Electricity:
Feb 3
Feb 4
Scenario #4 | Real Climate Science:
VPOS, Dark Matter Crisis:
Feb 5
Burkepile Presentation:
Geomagnetism, Earth Currents, Particles – Pre-quake:
Feb 6
Primordial Fields Paper:
Feb 7
DM Struggling Against Alternatives:
Blowing in the Galactic Wind:
Feb 8
Galaxies Without Dark Matter Sim:
Feb 9
Neutral Beams & Interstellar Plasma:
Feb 10
Three Shell Releases in 120 Years:
Feb 11
Interview on SuspectSky:
Gas Giant vs Brown Dwarf Formation:
Feb 12
Feb 13
Universe Science Video:
Solar Forcing from Photometry:
Feb 14
Feb 15
There is No Galactic Rotation Problem:
Feb 16
Feb 17
Feb 18
Dark Matter Alternative:
Feb 19
Extragalactic MagField;
Feb 20
Sympathetic Flare Eruptions:
Let’s Fight Tornados:
Feb 21
Arctic Warming Not Affecting Jet Waves:
Feb 22
Feb 23
Feb 24
90% of dust… Destroyed or Ejected:
Galactic Emissivity Problem:
Feb 25
Feb 26
ENSO Teleconnections:
Earth Radiation Balance:
Feb 27
Feb 28
On Methuselah and Primordial Fields:
The Alleged Mini-Moon:
Apollo 13 Animations:
Feb 29
Neutron Discovery:

January 2020

Jan 1
Electric Fields Important to Sunspots and Magnetosphere:
Big Stars, New Science:
Jan 2
Free Solar Forcing Papers from This Year [For New Viewers] –
Jan 3
Bad Torus Interpretation:
Free Solar Physics Papers:
Jan 4
Jan 5
Plasma Climate Forcing, Part 2:
Giant Waves Video:
High Solar Activity, Large Errors in Ionosphere Maps:
2019 Throwback – Superflares from the Sun:
TESS Superflare from Sun-Like Star Confirmation:
Jan 6
Australia Hot/Dry from Polar Vortex Weakening:
Recent Collision for M31?:
Electromagnetic Earthquake Forecasting:
Jan 7
Robitaille Destroys Black Hole:
FRB Deepens Mystery:
Jan 8
Jan 9
Ocean Acidification Harm Debunked:
Amazing Hubble Imaging, But Not Dark Matter: 
Plasma Lensing and FRBs:
Jan 10
Jan 11
Climate Models Need Improvement:
Interstellar Magnetic Fields:
Jan 12
Birkeland Currents of Plasma in Double Layer Reconnections:
Data Choice Results in 18% variation of Joule Heating:
Jan 13
Clouds Will Hamper Exoplanet Searches:
Jan 14
Jan 15
Star Formation and Dust Early On May Be Underestimated:
Early Look at Magnetic Sun Paper:
Jan 16
Jan 17
PEDE Outperforms LCDM:
Jan 18
Earthquake/Volcano Update:
Galactic Field & Current Sheet:
Solar Plasma Forcing Tropical Storms:
Planets Control the Sun:
Jan 19
Deformation AS IMPORTANT as Ice Melt for Sea Level:
Jan 20
Future of Magnetic Field Studies:
TEC Flux from Van Allen Electrons over Millions of SqMi:
Current Sheets Explain Magnetic Spectral Power of Solar Wind:
Jan 21
Peer Pressure for Climate Change:
Jan 22
Magnetic Currents Tube Study:
Electrostatic Dust Repulsion:
Jan 23
2/3 of Our CGM May be Unaccounted-For:
Jan 24
Neutron Star Chiral Magnetism Explained…with Magnetism:
Intracluster Bridges in Radio:
Jan 25
Part 7 | Climate Finale:
Earthquake Zone Media:
Best Exoplanet Imaging At Present:
Jan 26
Climate Models Need Planetary Wave Inclusion:
Jan 27
Jan 28
Astros to Cosmos Video:
Professors Respond to Plasma Cosmology:
Jan 29
SZ Regions More Massive:
Warming Pause due to Solar Cycles:
Jan 30
Jan 31

December 2019

Dec 1
Dec 2
Field-Aligned Currents:
Magnetically Sculpted Cosmos:
Positron Excess Peak Unexplainable:
Dark Energy is Real But We’ll Never See It… Just Trust Us:
Solar Flare Plasma Sheet:
Dec 3
ICM Bulk Flow Currents:
10^61 Erg Galactic Superwave:
MOND Intro, DM Thrash:
Dec 4
Galaxy Spins Aligned w/Cosmic Web Filaments:
What to do – Space Weather Health Alerts:
Basic Logic – Space Weather Health Alerts:
Dec 5
Giant Planet at White Dwarf:
Dec 6
Trillion Solar Masses in Galaxy:
Dec 7
Rain Gets Worse After Wind Dies Down:
Solar Modeling Problem:
Dec 8
Dec 9
WISPR’s Surprise CME:
Dec 10
Unreal Atmosphere Chemistry Tracking:
Earth Observing Fleet:
Plants, Ultrasonic While Stressed:
Universe NOT Still Expanding:
Dec 11
Black Hole Retorts:
Magnetic Field since Life Began:
Dec 12
Most Distant Dusty Galaxy:
11 Years of Ice Bridge:
Antares No Dark Matter:
Dec 13
El Nino and Disease:
Dec 14
Magnetic Fields and Stars:
Marsquakes Increasing… but Why?
Dec 15
Gemini Galaxy Collision:
Albania/Greece Electroquakes:
Dec 16
The Next End of the World:
Dec 17
Central Milky Way Starburst &. Resulting Novae:
Dec 18
Magnetism in Massive Stars:
Dec 19
2018 Weak Space Weather & Strong Storm:
Chandra Colliding Galaxy Groups:
Dense Magnetic Nova Environment:
Coherent Galactic Field & Current Sheet:
Dec 20
Human-Temp Star Analysis:
Cosmic Dawn “Black Hole” Meal:
Slow AC Geomagnetically Induced Current:
Dec 21
Core of Massive Galaxies – Even Earlier:
Sun’s Current Sheet Paper:
Dec 22
No Dark Matter from FERMI:
Spitzer Perseus Molecular Cloud:
Electron Events As Radioactive As Day of Cosmic Rays:
Lightning Microquakes – Based on Electric Power:
Major Be10 Problem For Magnetic/Meteor Dating:
The Mid-Magnetic Event – A Maximum Excursion:
Dec 23
“Reconnection” Connection to Space Weather Risk:
Dec 24
Solar Particle Forcing Blast From the Past:
Particle Forcing Thesis Student:
Dec 25
[Past Article] 2008 China Electroquake:
Turbulence, Cyclones:’s-cyclone-silicon-chip
Planet Formation Theory Questioned:
Missing Baryons in the Galaxy Haloes:
“Reconnection” for SGRa Infrared Flare:
Dec 26
Dust From Stellar Wind:
Not Knowing Dust Makes Big Trouble:
More Trouble for LB-1:
200-yr Cycle from Asian Records:
Northern Galactic Warp:
Pipe Nebula Magnetic Fields:
Dec 27
Solar Forcing & Unremarkable Modern Warming:
My Favorite Articles 2019
Dec 28
Dec 29
Dec 30
Sun-Like Stars, No Planet Needed, No Reconnection?
Millicharged DM – Expect the Resurgence:
Dec 31

November 2019

Nov 1
Nov 2
Nov 3
Nov 4
S. Crothers on Relativity:
Complex ICMEs- Higher Proton Events than Isolated ICMEs:
Plasma Sheets are About Electromagnetism, duh:
Nov 5
Climate Conference Moving Around:
Gamma Rays and Radio Bursts Unrelated in Crab Nebula:
Nov 6
Science Advisor Twitter:
TESS South Panorama:
Nov 7
Cosmic Magnetism in Canada:
Magnetic Fields in Stars:
Nov 8
Plasma Filament Study:
Nov 9
“11,000 Scientists” Debunked:
Where Did it Come From?“black-carbon”-uncovers-mystery-global-carbon-cycle
Nov 10
Nov 11
Nov 12
Electric Sails & Lingam:
Magnetism Study Reveals New Poles?
Larger-Than-Flare Needed to Explain C14 Data:
Nov 13
Top 5 Climate Video:
Nov 14
Cold Circumgalactic Medium:
Magnetic Fields from Bulk Flow:
Nov 15
[VIDEO] Professors Against IPCC:
Nov 16
Nov 17
Nov 18
CME Counterstreaming Power Electrons:
Nov 19
Nov 20
Google Health Scandal and Research:
Tsunami 1000 Years Ago:
CMIP5 Fails to Reproduce Eurasian Cooling:
Nov 21
Milky Way Radio & Novae:
Highest-Energy Light GRB:
Nov 22
Large Scale Radio Sim of Active Galaxies:
Nov 23
Nov 24
Nov 25
Most Severe Mass Extinction Rethink:
Nov 26
The Sept2017 Solar Storm / CME-CME Interactions:
Nov 27
ALMA Sees Carina Pillars:
ALMA Sees Extended Stellar Envelope:
Nov 28
Cosmic Web Complexity:
Magnetism and Turbulence for Densest Objects:
Nov 29
70 Stellar Mass ‘Black Hole’:
Nov 30
Trans-Extinction Species are Spread Across the World:
Milky Way Magnetic Field: