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December 2021

December 1
Smoke to the Stratosphere:
ESO Sees “Black Holes”
Galactic Surprise:
Low L Shell Solar Effect:

December 2
Nova Progenitor Confusion:
Solar Energy Build-Up:
No DM Galaxy:
Particles in Fields:
Sentinel 6:
Organic Star:

December 3
Dr. Robitaille – Solar Gamma Rays:
Recurrent Nova:
Magnetic Navigation:
DOs and Heinrich’s Back Then:

December 6
Geomagnetic Circadian Rhythm:
Solar Health Effects:
Stellar Encounters:
Sun and SAM:

December 7
Methane Release:
Planetary Nebulae:
Accretion Outburst:
IMF and Polar Cap Arcs:
Night Sky Brightness at Sunspot Min:
IMF and Penetration Electric Fields:
Protons Underappreciated:

December 8
Magnetic Double Helix Jet:
LLSVPs and their opposite:
Liver and Space:
Star Carves With Jets:
Dark Matter Missing:
LCDM Challenge:

December 9
South Atlantic Anomaly:
3 Excursions, 1 Missing:
Human Health and Solar/Geomagnetic:
H2 in Galactic Wind:
Webb Sim Snowflake:
Planet Imaged:

December 10
Superflare Spotted:
Our Galactic Mini-Jet:
Solar Climate Forcing:

December 11
Variable Dwarf Nova:
Fast Brightening Nova:
Anomalous Stars:
Cosmic Ray Model Fail:
Electric Currents in Photosphere:
SuperJupiter Spotted:

December 12
Big Burb Episode 2:
Magnetic Disaster Video:
Magnetic Study:
H1 and Younger Dryas:
Electron Ozone Destruction:

December 13
Big Burb Episode 2:
Geomagnetic Storm Responses:
Triboelectric Charged Grains:

December 14
Earth Observing Fleet:
Pre-Seismic TEC:
SAA and South Pole:
Before LGM:

December 15
Parker Probe Touches the Sun:
Galactic Center:
Climate Report:

December 16
Parker Paper:
Orbiter Paper:
Mars Water:
SWARM Geomagnetic Storms:
Cracks in The Ice:
Little Ice Age Triggered By Ice Melt, Triggered by the Sun:

December 17
Chandra Fantasy:
ALMA Fantasy:
Galactic Arm Breakers:
Galactic Magnetic Fields:
Beyond the Radcliffe Wave:

December 18
The Geomagnetic Field:
Pole Shift & Weak Spot:
Pre-Quake Geomagnetic:
Pre-Quake Atmospheric Chemistry:
Dark Energy Challenge:
Challenging LCDM:

December 19
Geomagnetic Oscillation:
Atmospheric Bridge:
Solar Flare Equatorial Ionosphere Forcing:
Iron Sub-Earth:

December 20
Grand Minimum:
Power Outages and Space Weather:
Spider Electric Field Take-Off:
Where’d the Plutonium Come From?
Recurrent Nova:

December 22
Younger Dryas, Heinrich Events, Localized Indian Effects:
Global Warming Before Magnetic Excursion:
Solar Forcing Low Latitude & Thermosphere:
No Dark Matter, but… :
YD in Texas:
Gothenburg, Simultaneous Mass Tree Death:

December 23
Watching Space Weather for WEBB:
Massive AGN Outburst:
70 New Rogue Planets:
Tsunami Magnetic Fields:
Alternative Nova Scenarios:

December 24
1940 Superstorm:

December 25 No News

December 26
Earth Disaster Documentary:
The Tree of Life:
Solar Driven Surface Current:
Solar Cycle & NAO:

December 27
Big Burb Ep.3
Cooper Responds to Catastrophism Haters:
Jupiter Field Change:
Solar Forcing, Nigeria:

December 28
Pre-Electroquake Signals:
Solar Forcing Biology:
GPS Errors:
Solar Wind Electric Field:

December 29
Electric Current Superflare:
Life Under Ice:
Vedde Ash:
YD, Synced:

December 30
Ionosphere Modeling:
Articles Citing Our Best Paper:,6&hl=en

December 31
RECOMMENDED VIDEO – Philosophy of the Community:
Rapid Magnetic Accretion & Burst:
Magnetic Stellar Evolution:
1500 & 2200 year cycles:
Ancient D-Os:

November 2021:

November 1
Supercomputer Cosmos Sim:
Thermosphere During Geomagnetic Storms:

November 2
Inflation Models Crushed:
ESA Climate Article:
2021 Hurricanes:

November 3
Last Night’s Video:
Weak Nova:
Galaxy Wars:
Global Plant Food:

November 4
US Volcanoes:
Last Shell Impact:
Water Far Away:
Pre-Quake Geomagnetic:
Geomagnetic Heart Effect:

November 5
Heliospheric Current Sheet Ions:
NOAA Space Weather Scales:
Pre-Quake Interplanetary Magnetic Field:
Fluorine in Space:
Cleopatra’s Eye:
Eskimo Nebula:
NGC 2438:

November 6
Climate Timeline:
Carbon Dating Improves:
Troposphere Height:

November 7
Mars Space Weather:
Ionosphere in 2017 Solar Flares:
IMF to Thermosphere Density:
Electromagnetic Coupling:
CMIP Rain Fail:

November 8
Last 27,000 Years in China:
Still No DM:
Mars Organics:
Mars Water:
Orbital Forcing::

November 9
Oct US Climate:
Accretion – Boom:
Glaciation, North Atlantic:

November 10
Lightning/GEC Patterns:
Nova Remnant:
30-Year Nova:
Nova Logic:
CME/Current Sheet Ion Variation:

November 11
Nonsense about “Unprecedented” Warming:
Solar Forcing Thermosphere Anomaly:
Starspots and Superflares:
Eggshell Planets:

November 12
Volcanos and Collapse:
“Black Hole” Found in LMC:
DAMA and Geoengineering Articles in Nov.11 Issue of SCIENCE:
Galactic Turbulence:

November 13
Mantle Conductivity, CMB Magnetism:
Pre-Quake Electromagnetism:
Wave Spotted:
Superluminous Magnetars:
China Snow:

November 14
Volcano at YD:
10.5 Kyr Heating:
ENSO and AAM for LOD:
Sydney Storms:
Drought Overestimated:

November 15
Sunspot Oscillations:

November 16
Universe Gold:
Mars Artificial Magnetosphere:
Moon CO2:

November 17
October Global Climate:
Solar Arc Brightenings:
Vacuum Energy:

November 18
Climate Tipping Points:
Lunar Eclipse:
Hubble Sees Baby Star:

November 19
2 Bad Guys from Penn:
Team Responds to John Hawks:
Hubble’s outer System Tour:
2019 Super-Paper:

November 20
Earth Rotation Changes:
Plasma Impact:
College Carrington Study:
Geomagnetic Body Temp:
Solar Forcing Atrial Fibrillation:

November 21
Three Disasters:
Hilina Pali Slightly Off:
Quebec Storm is Centennial:
Helium on the Sun:
Milky Way Mass:
Polar Site:

November 22
Polar Holes:
Antarctic Volcano:
CMIP6 Fail:
Geomagnetic Temp Increase:
Geomagnetic Low Latitude Ionosphere:
Geomagnetic Neutrals:

November 23
HED Plasma:
Galaxies Hiding:
Antarctic Ice Sheet Usually Goes Quicker:
Subduction Window in Central America:

November 24
Familiar Cycles Long Ago:
Geoelectric Enhancement:
Fastest Spinning Dwarf:
White Dwarf 1300 Light Years Away:
Antarctic Ozone Hole:

November 25
China Collapse at D-O-Event:
Fewer Galactic Interactions:
Pre-Quake EM:
Planet with 16-hour Year:

November 26
Big Burb Episode 1:
Cosmic Lithium:
Terra Orbital Drift:

November 27
Big Burb Episode 1:
GEC and Temp:
Stars/Black Hole Sim:

November 28
Heinrich’s and D/Os:
Snow Fail:
Record Sea Ice Gains:
Aurora to Equator:
EPP Auroral Absorption:

November 29
Solar EUV Thermosphere:
Flares and D Region:
They Still Thinks Its All Our Fault:
Cold Fresh Water Coming:
Equatorial Ionization Anomaly:

November 30
Arctic Warming Faster:
NGC 6891”
Helium Stars:
ICON Upper Electric:
Cusp Study:

October 2021:

October 1


Nova Thesis:

AD Leo:

1.7B or 40M?

October 2

Atmospheric Current:

Measuring Atmospheric Fields:

Earlier Occupation, Mexico:

Comet Encke:

Sterile Neutrino Fail:

Laschamp/Mono Lake Problems:

Younger Dryas:

Excess Electron Explanation:

October 3

Nov.6 Event:

Dr. Robitaille’s Latest Video:


Upper Troposphere Overestimated Warming:

No CO2 Thermosphere Effect:

Aurora Shift Neutrals:

October 4

Solar Flare Elements:



October 5

Pluto Confirmed:

Pluto Surface:

Pluto Questioned (Iran):

Rutgers Snow Lab:

Active Fires Video:

Coronal Rain:

October 6

South Pole Cold:

Trees Like CO2:

Mysterious Dust-Emitting Object:

No Dark Photons:


Mars Atmosphere:

Little Ice Age Hit The South Too:

October 7

Magnetosphere Standing Waves:

Galactic Center Radio Arc:

Mushy Core:

October 8

Dr. Robitaille’s Latest:

Dr. Robitaille Interviews:

Former Ocean Came in 120 Miles:

Early Humans Rise:

Anomalous Oxygen:

Double Galaxy:

Atmospheric River:

October 9

Earth Safety Mechanism:

Sept. US Climate:

A Super Extinction, They Missed:

Younger Dryas Casualty Ate Meat:

Hubble – Arp91:

October 10

Strange Cosmic Event:

Heinrich’s, Cold, Tropical Hydroclimate Events:

Younger Dryas and HE1:

Sahara 6000 Years Ago:

Major Paleomagnetic Cautionary Tale:

From Geomagnetic Storm to Current Surges:

Iron Rain Planet, Even Hotter:

October 11

Army Cold Prep:

Coronal Rain Production/Condensation:

Model Caution:

Cosmology Caution:

Internal Variability Dominates QBO:

October 12

SEP Ozone Killing:

EEP Ozone Killing:

Global Cosmic Ray Surge at Excursion:

Mono Lake, Laschamp, Greenland:

Laschamp Equatorial Aurora at 4% Field:


October 13

Major Electric Coupling:

Latitude Extent of Energetic Electron Precipitation:

Studying Space Weather:

Explosive Energetic Coupling:

Strange Radio Signal:

Nova Elements:

October 14

Star Nuclear Synthesis Upended:

Earth Nuclear Synthesis:

Axions Take a Hit:

Cosmological Rule Breaking:

Planets Surviving Over Time – Micronova Animation:

Solar CVD Connection:,141922,0,2.html

Geomagnetic Oxidative Stress Connection:

October 15

Geomagnetic Wind Forcing:

Uranus & Neptune:

Europa Water Atmosphere:

10,000 year diffusion Cycle inside Earth:

Sept. Global Climate:

Ice Age Cycle Chart:

October 16

Arctic Ice Breaking:

Gulf and Kuroshio, Linked by Jet Stream:

Magnetized Substructure Evidence from Early Solar System:

Aurora Video:

FRB Mega-Haul:

October 17

ESA BepiColombo:

X-ray Ionosphere Effect:

Heinrich D-Os:

Past Article – Solar-Heinrich-Bond Cycle:

October 18

Magnetic Importance to Reproduction:

Solar ENSO:

Length of Day:

October 19

The Store Returns:

NASA’s 5 Ice Facts:

Three Hours to Save Integral:

October 20

Store is Back:

Ionosphere Atmosphere Coupling:


Lunar Forcing LOD:

Chromosphere Magnetic Fields:

Agenda 21 Land Use Plan is Back:

October 21

Vikings in America:

Planet Impact?

Another Consensus Lie:

October 22

It Will Be Cold:

SEP Ion Composition:

Galaxies Hiding in Plain Sight:

Nova as it Happened:

October 23

Heinrichs, D-Os, Monsoons:

Heinrichs & D-Os:

More Solar Forcing of Thermosphere Winds:

Polar summer mesospheric echoes and Auroral Forcing:

October 24

Americas Early Great Flood:

ENSO/GEC Feedback:


Climate Sensitivity:

Magnetic Anomalies:

October 25

Aurora to Equator Solar Forcing:

Dark Matter Project Good For Something:

October 26

Exceptional Dimming:

CMEs at Saturn:

Record Nova:

Other Galaxy Planet?

Tropical Glaciers:

October 27

Planets/Sun Playlist:

Major Nova Model Problem:

Planets and the Sun:

Sun-Heart Connection:


October 28

Parker Instability and Flux Tubes in Galactic Disk:

Wave Spotted:

Juno Sees Deep:

Are We Alone:

Proto Galaxy Cluster:

Ozone Not Exactly Recovering:

October 29

Geomagnetic Model:

Jupiter Storms:

CW Leonis:

NASA to Study Solar Storms:

Sep2017 Solar Storm:

October 30

Younger Dryas Shows Strongly:

Magnetic Field Loss and Foraging:


Oumuamua Natural or Not?

October 31

Macro Magnetic Holes:

IMF/HCS every 7-10 days:

IMF & Mars Aurora:

North Atlantic Cooling:

The Sun and Mortality:

September 2021:

September 1
Sun, MagField, Quakes:
Cool White Dwarf:
Hidden Dwarfs:
Dark Galaxies:

September 2
Underestimated Joule Heating:
Heliobiology and SIDS:
Solar Forcing CO2:
Chandra X-ray Magnifier:

September 3
Milky Way Jet:
Veritasium Cosmic Rays:
Pulsed Verticle Displacement:
Random Radio Signal Interpreted Grandly:
Hidden Japanese Fault:

September 4
Polar Melt = Extreme Cold Snaps:
Expanding Core-Collapse Progenitors:
Cold Planets:
SOHO solar Wind:

September 5
2020 Global Geomagnetic Jerk:
Geomagnetic Superrotation:
Intracluster Light:
Pre-Quake Electromagnetism:
Sun-lIke Stars Eat Planets:
Temperature Fiasco:
Mars Crustal Fields Changing:

September 6
Solar Forcing Polar Cap Patches:
Solar Protons and Ozone:
The Whole Electric Picture:
Model Failures:
Electric Aggregation in Microgravity:

September 7
Space Turbulence:
Different Cosmology:
LCDM Challenge:
No Cooling/Heating Functions:
“Incoming Sunlight” NOAA
Surface Fusion:

September 8
Deflagration Nova, Varying Scenarios:
Galaxies Pump Out:
They May Stop Protecting Flights:
Origin of UDGs:

September 9
Missing Billion Years:
Shape Shifting:
Nova Ejecta in 3d:
Interstellar Medium:

September 10
Geomagnetic Forcing:
Still No ALPs:
Giant Real-Matter Halo:
Magnetic Navigation:
Magnetic Changes at Epoch Shift:
Asteroid Kleopatra:
US Climate Report for August:

September 11
Geomagnetism 3M Years Ago:
Iron Age Magnetic Anomaly:
Geomagnetic, Geoelectric:
Outer Solar System Objects:

September 12
Magnetosphere Anomaly:
Losing Ozone:
Nova Elemental Production:
Models Miss High CAPE:
Molecular Clouds Nearby:
Sun Breaks Down Plastic:

September 13
Dropping Solar Wind:
Small Scale Magnetic Structures:
Ocean Conductivity:

September 14
Interaction Powered Nova:
Nova-Like Variable:
No Sterile Neutrinos:
Quake Patterns:
Universe Sim:
Dense Milky Way Clouds:

September 15
Solar Flares & Lower Ionosphere:
SEP Floods:
Magnetic Bacteria:
Ocean-Driven LOD Changes?
Large Fluvial Events:
Space Housing:

September 16
Dr. Robitaille’s Latest:
Aug Global Climate:
Heinrich Events:
Greenland Snow:
Ocean Uncertainty:
Absurd Dark Energy Article:
China Guest Star Nova:
Martian SuperVolcanos:

September 17
Chandra Spectral:
Blot Volcanoes:
Southern Ozone Hole:

September 18
Hurricane Nicholas:
Pre-Volcanic CO2:
Solar Forcing in Holocene:
10Be Deposition:
Parker Instability and Flux Tubes in Galactic Disk:

September 19
Drop High-End Climate Forecasts:
North Atlantic Controls Pacific:
First O++ EMIC Waves:
Lunar Regolith Fight Original Article:
Early Moon Fight Original Article:
Volcanic Plume Charge Density:
High LGM Carbon:

September 20
Space Dust:
Knowing When to Stop:
Planet Migration:
Himilaya Glaciers:
Polar Vortex Site:

September 21
Celeb Video:
Nov.6 Event:
Bird Navigation:
Empty Sky Gamma:
Sneaky 100K Year Cycle:
Solar/Geomagnetic Immune Suppression:

September 22
NASA Roman:
3D Molecular Clouds:
Intelligent Design:

September 23
Axion Struggle:
LCDM Challenge:
Giant Space Cavity:
Arctic Ice:
Galaxies Hiding in the Dust:
Galaxies Running on Empty:

September 24
Laschamp Europe:
Lake Mungo America:
Molten Ring:
Coral Will Be Fine:
Still No DM:

September 25
LGM/YD from Mediterranean:
YD and Temp-Insensitivity from Atlantic:
Theses, No YD:
RPI Issues:
140,000 Yr Old Beads:
Global Warming Slows Itself Down:
Nova Survivor… Again:

September 26
IMF and Mercury:
Martian LVZ:
Core Wave Anisotropy:
AGN Jet Alignment:

September 27
Geomagnetic Storm Ion Upflow:
Polar Forcing:
Heinrich Event 1:
Kuiper belt Molecular Wind:

September 28
Great Red Spot:
Carrington Preconditioning:
Unique Star Nearby:
Terra Orbit:

September 29
Volcano Lightning:
“Type V”:
Dyson Swarm:
Cosmic Ray Max:
Disaster From Above 3600 Years Ago:
City Danger in Disaster:

September 30
Nov.6 Event:
Polar Motion & LOD:
Solar Forcing:
Plants Free Energy & Chemistry:
Solar System as an Ecosystem:
Andromeda Satellites:
Without Dark Matter:

Links for the Morning Show, August 2021

More Frequent Solar Storms:
Hilina Pali:
Noah Event:
Heat Before Micronova:
Following the Science:
Younger Dryas Greenland Mystery:

Spanish Grid:
Null Field and Fruit:
Geomagnetic Body Temp Change:
Prestellar Core Field Model:
Nova Class Jumpers:
Wind Speed Dropping:

Field Fluctuations Break Models:
Turbulent Medium:
Nova tosses Star:
6 Hour Days:
Oxygen Extinction:

IMF Coupling:
Solar Cycle 25:
Sunspot Chart:
Young Sun:
Pre-Quake EM:

VIDEO Geomagnetic Climate Forcing:
Missing Novae:
Jupiter Auroral Heating:
IPCC Grabbed an Axe:
Shameful NATURE:

TESS Video:
Earth System Observatory:
X-Ray Rings:
AMOC Shutting Down:
New Exoplanet:

Lunar Magnetism:
IPCC Other Ideas:

Lion Cubs:
Variable Sedimentation:
Galactic “Feathers”
Solar Wind Plasma Structure vs Turbulence:
Polar Summer Mesospheric Echoes:
Plasma Lensing:
Greenland Ice Sheet Melt During Cold Snap:

Safe Zones Video:
LLSVP Pre-Print:
LLSVP on Mercury?
Cloud Model Struggles:
Militarized Monkeys:

Bright, Challenging Nova:
Pre-Quake foF2:
Electron Burst Seismic Forecasting:
Pacific NW Quake Mystery:
Pre-Quake Magnetism:

Our Article | Geomagnetic Extinction:
NASA on the Attack:
July US Climate:
Losing Forests:
Four-Quark Particle:
Orcas Coordinating Attacks:

NASA Takes a Beating:
Geomagnetic Biology:
Intergalactic Field Aligns Galaxies:
MIT Clownery:
Solar Storm Risk Recognition:

Younger Dryas Volcanos:
4 Disasters in One Sample:
Gravity vs Fields:
Pre-Quake Magnetism:

July Global Climate:
Past Sea Level:
War, Not Climate:
Arctic Greening:
Blue Hydrogen Oops:
MIllenial Cycles:
New Zealand GIC:
Two Centennial Solar Storms:

Importance of By:
Crustal Groundwater:
Tsunami Risk Oregon:
China Observer Video:

JOOG Lightning Video:
Geomagnetic Wiggles:
Hot Dust Torus:
Protoplanetary Disk & Magnetic Field:
Heinrich Events in the Sediment:
Forests, Clouds, Cooling:

Sunda Arc Quakes:
Haiti Landslides:
Heliosphere Interchange Instability:

Spiral Arm Feathers:
SAA Protons:
Solar Clock:
AGN Sim:

More Confusing Nova:
No High CO2 Effect:
Solar Magnetism near Chromosphere

Magellanic Sim:
Climate Uncertainty:
Watching Water:
Comet Atlas:
Seeing in Radio:
They Hate Us:

More Antarctic Snow:
Carbon Core:

Major Volcano 6K Years Ago:
CME Chemistry:
Ocean Salinity & Superbolts:
Geomagnetic Induction:

No Dark Photons:
Vortex Ionospheric Disturbances:
GIC in Japan:
Big Solar Forecast:

Space Weather and Stroke:
Hubble Video:
Solar-Lunar Forcing:
Nova-Surviving Younger-Than-Thought Pulsar:
Our Store is Closing:

Geothermal Antarctica:
Climate Snow Extremes:
Antarctic Currents:
TEC Study:
Si & Cl Isotopes:
200MY Magnetic Cycle:
M17 Magnetism:
Still No Dark Matter:

Solar Storms Kill Ozone (and hide it well):
Pre-Volcanic Geomagnetic:
Space Weather Neonatal Health:
1500 Year Length of Day Cycle:
M31 Recurrent Nova:

Heinrich in South China Sea:
Hycean Planets:
WEBB Ready:

Medicial Plants for Radiation:
EM Brain Threshold?
Auroral Surprise:
Long Climate Forcing:

Rochechouart Crater:
The Mayotte Rumble:
Magnetic Fields of Cosmic Jets:
Galactic Magnetic Field:
Quad Lense:
Mid-Latitude TGF:

Ocean Coring/Laschamp:
Slowdown of Arctic Decline:
Record Vortex – Near Zero Ozone:
M.I.T. Coupling at Jupiter:
The Sun is the Answer to Isotopes on Earth:

Last Night’s Video:
Thesis on Galactic Rotation:
Magnetism and Spin Rate:
Science Fleet:
Cool Earth Electrodynamic Infographic:
GOLD Sees Equatorial Ionization Anomaly:

Link list for the morning shows – July 2021

Current Sheet M82:
Anomalous Dwarf Nova:
More NLCs:

White Dwarf Surprise:
Solar Forcing Westerly Winds:
Lithium Problem:
Pearls on a String:
Climate, Not Humans:
German Volcano Eruption:
Mars Aurora:

Galaxy Cluster on Intergalactic Highway:
Sun Dropping, Ionosphere Holding:

Mars Water:
Mars Moons:
Climate Litigation:
Ancient Excursion Cycle:

Solar Heinrich Cycle:
Cold Plasma in Nova Remnants:
They Thought They Knew a Star:
AMO And Asian Monsoon:

M Stars and Sun-Like Stars:
The Sun In The Long Run:
Magnetic Solar System Chemistry:
Rock Art:’s-rock-art-canvas.aspx
Black Hole Article:
Major Italian Flows:
New Astrophysical Plasma Science:

More Dwarf Nova Confusion:
More Supernova Confusion:
Rogue Planets:
Satellite Galaxy Star Formation:

Antarctic Lakes:
Enceladus Life:
Don’t Spray the Sky:
Snowball Earth, With a Twist:
Pre-Quake Atmospheric Electricity:
Heinrich Event 1:

New DM Challenge:
Recurrent Nova:
Classical Nova Lithium:
Wider Radio Surveys:
Martian Rock Record:

Enceladus Ice Quakes:
Jupiter Aurora:
Cosmic X-ray Emitters:

Spencer on Climate Study:
Spencer Global Temps:
US Climate Report:
Gothenburg (and Laschamp):
Mystery After Hilina Pali:
Filaments in the Galaxy:
Secular variation:

Major White Memorial Page:
Space Weather GPS Risk:
Cluster Shocks and Bridge:
Filament Lightning:

Interdecadal LOD Changes:
Galactic Spiral Shocks:
Over 800 Nova Candidates:
Teenage Planets:
EMF and Life:

Venus Volcanos:
Sagittarius Pitch:
Classical Nova Gap:
Unprecedented Nova Plateau:
Centrifugal Breakout Micronova:

Auroral Ionospheric Vortex:
2014 Berkeley Reversal Article:
Length of Day:

Io/Jupiter Radio:
Cluster Crash:
IMF and FAC:

Mono Lake & Laschamp:
Galactic Fireworks:
June Global Climate:
Classical to Dwarf:

Need 400 Years of Climate:
Electron Precipitation:
Paleo-Proxy Disagreement to be Addressed:
New Kind of Lightning:
Solar Cycle Forcing:
M81 Galactic Wind:
Solar Flare Mechanism:
VIDEO Magnetic Reconnection and Cosmic Plasma:

New Climate Book:
YD Catastrophe and Timing question:
CO2 Story is Not So Simple:
Oxygen Loss:
Large GICs and Night Events:

Cosmic Coincidence:
Dark Matter Tension:
The Waves of the Galaxy:
Superflare Star:
Radio Shot of Inner Galaxy:

EMF and Oxidative Cellular Stress:
Losing the Field is Dangerous:
Pre-Quake Geomagnetic:
Worst Extinction – Magnetic:
Big Solar Waves:
Plasma Physics Advance:
Daily Earth’s Rotation Chart:

Sombrero Galaxy Tidal Stream:
Magnetic Field and Human Health:
Sunspot Teleconnections:

Solar Day Chart:
Galactic Center Radio:
Solar Field Knots:
At The End of the Sun:
Millimeter Mountains:

Laschamp in Germany:
CO2 and the Magnetic Field:
Aging SDO:

Solar Forcing ENSO:
Compact Lightning:
Arctic Amplification:

Syncing Heinrich and DOs:
Last 24k Years:
Solar Forcing NAO Preprint:
Nearby Nova?!?! lol:
India Land Rise:

Ganymede Water:
Short Gamma Burst:
Old Viruses :
China Aurora:
sgrA Outburst:

The Phoenix Protocol:
Again, it wasn’t humans:
Rock Art Anomaly:
Wolf 359:
LLSVP to Atlantic:
Coral Report:

Last Night’s Special – Postlude2:
Drought Page:
Electrons Strengthen Magnetic Fields:
Saved by the Models:
Andromeda Radio Disk:
Magnetic Field Affects Solar Rotation Too:

Deep Life:
“It’s All Our Fault”:
Super Jupiters:

25K Years:
Irradiance Forcing:
Pre-Quake EM:
Arp Galaxy:

Link List for June 2021

Lower the CO2 Sensitivity:
Solar Ozone Destruction:
We’re Touching a Pancake:
Early Galactic Images:
100K Year Cycle in Africa:
Lot of Dust Being Missed:
Predicting Cycle 25:
Geomagentism and Atmospheric Vortices:
No Geomagnetic Field from Convective Core:

Hurricane Article:
Human Timeline in North America:

Observer Event June 24th:
Explosive Interaction Ejections:
Climate Change is the Killer in Catastrophes:
Atmospheric Metal:
Massive Hidden Star Cluster:

Galactic Winds:
Earth’s Lopsided Confusing Core:
Jet Paper:
Annular Solar Eclipse:

Humans in Tibet:
Laschamp Underwater Forest:
Extreme Close Gamma Burst:

Funny B-ASSS Mars Video:
Magnetic Events and Extinctions (Herndon):
Solar Temp & Solar Wind:
Missing Solar Flux Problem:
Why Does CMIP6 Have Absurd Sensitivity?
Oh, that’s why:
Moon Base Goofery:

Banning Strand Overdue:
Gothenburg and Hilina Pali:
2-3 Year Solar Forcing Lag:
Classical Nova Uncertainty:

Dark Energy = Artifact?
“Dust-making Event”
24,000 year old creature:
How Auroras Work:

Geomagnetic Timelines:
Pre-Quake TEC:
Ancient Solar Storm:
ALMA Nearby Galaxies:
Solar Video:

Russell Brand’s Video:
The Nova Recurreth:
Tibetan Rain:
Scientists’ Decisions:
Brown Dwarf Atmosphere:

Which Mission:
27K Years Dryness:
Star Blinks – The Anti-Nova:
Radio Galaxy High Detail:
Cosmological Principal:

DNA Storage:
Vanilla Bacteria E Coli:
Stellar Death and Pinball Planets:
Anti-Nova Explanation:
Super Huge Old Blob in Space:
Termination Event:
Contact Electrification:

Current Sheet Electric Field Penetration:
New F Layer Currents Found:
CMIP6 Still Struggles:
Better Space Weather Models Needed:
Asteroid Psyche Out:

Little CO2 Effect:
Under Greenland:
Cosmic Filament Spin:
Brain Metal:

Solar Clock:
Cosmic Spin:
Local Neighborhood Stars:

Pine Island Glacier:
Dust Filaments in Galactic Center:
Magnetism and Space Weather:
Young Stellar Superflares:
Most Energetic Nova:
Eclipse Offered Solar Wind Data:

Mars Copter:
Plasma Tunnel Test:

Gamma Burst Scrambles Primordial Magnetism:
Young Unexplainable Stellar System:
Definitely no DM in that Galaxy:
Cold Plasma Halo:

Pre-Quake TEC:
Pre-Quake Magnetism:
Geomagnetic Navigation:
27.5 Million Yr Pulse:
Climate Data:

Pre-Quake EM:
New Lightning Processes:
9000 Year Old Artifacts:
Star Water:
Volcanic Uncertainty:

Lots of Historic Excursions:
Hidden Supernova:
Inner Conductivity:
H1 in Greenland:
Permafrost surprise:

Square Store:
Nickel Distribution:
Venus Terrain:
Solar Chemistry Uncertainty & Accretion:
Felix Obit:
Ice Age Now:

9 Transients:
Polar Wander:
Meteor Study:
Cali Drought:
Orbital Diagram for Incoming Comet:;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb

Shift Away From Dark Matter:
Cosmic Anisotropy, Cosmological Principal:
Fast Galaxy Bars:
Oceans Recover Quickly:
Looking to Improve Cloud Models:
Magnetic Sense in Birds:
Stars in Radio:

Filaments and the Galactic Plane:
Pre-Seismic Electrostatic:
Baby Arctic Dinosaurs:
Cosmic Hand and Nova:
Antarctica is not At Such High Risk:

Human Skull History:
Saharan Dust and Cold Events:
Hurricane Uncertainty:
Cosmic Dawn Sim:
More Mars Water:

Future Mexico Quakes:
Polar Wander Japan:
Cyclone History:

Squeezing the Field:
Younger Dryas Impact:
Unusual Chorus Waves:

You Don’t Know Nova:
Unique Exoplanet:
Exo-Earths Hiding:
Nova-Like Variable:
New Kind of Supernova:m

Comet Heat::
Mars Methane:
Dwarf Nova:

May 2021 Link List

Study of Past Disaster Aridity:
H3 Event Study:
Tides Under the Sea:
Seafloor Sounding:
Necklace Nebula:
Axions Phantoms Can’t Hide:
Limited Edition Sweatshirt, Founder Status, Special Access:

Galactic Pressure Front:
Helicity Development in the current sheet:
Ocean Uncertainty:
Carbon Uncertainty:
A Day on Venus:

Propeller Nebula:
Dwarf Nova:
Early April Temp Report:
Lightning Cleans the Air:
Star Motion T+400K Years:
25000 Radio Sources:

Big Cycle Forecast:
LLSVP to Hawaii?
D-Region Excitement:
Venus Ionosphere:
GMO Mosquitos in Florida:

ISWA model is bunk:
Current Sheet:
Galactic disk:
Stellar Nursery:
Tsunami Hazard papers:

Climate Science Destroyed in 8 Minutes:
Impossible Nova:
Global Ionospheric Response 1:
Global Ionospheric Response 2:
Geomagnetic Thunderstorms:
Circadian Rhythm and Cognition:
Heat Transport Needed for Warming:
Auroral Phenomena:
Solar Gamma Rays:

No Solar Flare Neutrinos:
Heterogeneous Lightning Electric Fields:
Solar Chemistry:
Space to Ground:
Magnets Twist Jets:
2017 Hurricanes and Aerosols:
Bye Bennu:

Sharks and Geomagnetism:
Think I should be on the National Space Weather Team?
A Show of Light:
April US Climate:

A Show of Light:
Instantaneous Forcing:
Overturning Circulation and Warming:
Natural Sky Brightness:
Forever Young Stars:
Pulsar Deepens Star Mysteries:
Hubble Abell 3827:
Sunspot Classifications:
Climate Science Destroyed in 8 Minutes:

MJO Variability:
Ion Escape:
Musca CURRENTS Sheet:

Galactic Magnetic Spiral:
Model of Milky Way:
Galactic Center Fields:
Voyager 1 Plasma Hum:
Caldera Collapse = Bigger Eruptions:

When the Sheet Hits:
Galactic Wavelength:
LCDM Challenges:
Black Hole Swing and a Miss:
Recent Mars Volcanoes:

Earth’s Field Struggles:
Climate Science Wrecked (Fast Version):
A Show of Light:
Recent Nearby Nova Story Changing:
Recurrent Nova Study:
LGM Change Dwarfs Modern Warming:
GIC at Japan, Mid-Lat:

April Global Climate:
Solar Storm Tech Issues:
Inside Stars:
Still No Dark Matter:

TSIS in Play:
Polarization of the Galactic Center:
Recent Nearby Nova Story Still Changing:
Where The Bug Came From:

Last Night’s Video | Galactic Sheet and Solar Micronova:
Special Video | Earth’s Field Fails First Test:
Reduced Uncertainty Means Modest Sensitivity:
Predicting Space Weather Seasons:
Predicting Space Weather Blobs:

Disaster Shift in Asian Monsoon Data:
Last Disaster and Timeline Problems:
Solar Wind and Ground-Level Atmospheric Electricity:
Sun and NAO:
AGN and Dusty Torus:

Lightning vs Solar Flare Ionosphere Mod:
Light Charge Transfer Deformation:
Waters Below:
Noble Gas Below:
Absurd Expansion Science:
At Least it Beat LCDM:

Galactic Electric Field and Solar Micronova:
Recent Nearby Nova Article:
“Black Hole” Surprise:
Barnard Still Active:
The Charlotte Whale:
Tesla Valve:
Ionized Medium in Galactic Plane:

Heavy Metal Comet Vapor:
50 Billion Birds:
Weird Orion Image:

Mega-Fauna Died by Climate, not an Arrow:
Melting Ice Cooling:
Cycle 25 Gets Scarier Late:
Most Ancient Spiral:

Chandra’s 3d Renderings:
Extragalactic Magnetism:
Martian Salt:

UV Mars:
~23K Year Cycle:
Galactic Cosmic Battery:
Space Weather Tech Risk Study:
CMIP Fail:
Salty Ocean Fail:

Bright Insight Video:
Navy Classified Project MAGNET:
2020 Disaster Playlist:

Solar Driven Pole Position:
Earth Conductivity and GIC:
An Extragalactic Event?

No Ancient Collision?
Slower Precession:
Europa Internal Heat:
Geomagnetic Wiggles:
Space Weather:

How to Predict Earthquakes:
Sun and Climate:
Dust-Obscured Galaxies:
Water and Deep Quakes:
EMIC Waves, Electron, Climate:
“Black Hole” Article:
Nova Article:

Hot Fish:
No Dark Photons:
Everything Connected (Cosmically):
Lopsided Galaxy:
X-Ray/Radio Galactic Center:

Structures in Orion:
Mars Clouds:
DES Survey:

How to Predict Earthquakes:
Olivine and Deep Quakes:
CMIP Fails:
Urban Heat Island Effect is HUGE in China:
Solar Forcing Re-Evaluation Needed:
Mystery Mercury:
foF2 Long Term Change:
Colliding Wind Binaries and TeV Cosmic Rays:

More Nova:
YD Impact Hypothesis:
Mid-Pleistocene Transition:
GPS Sees Big Quakes:
PTWC Animation:

Links from the Daily Show for April 2021

Another Missed Outburst:
Missed EM Force:
Magnetism Over Dark Energy:
Uranus X-Rays:

Mars Quakes:

Gas Sat:
Fractal Frog:
Climate Article I Made Fun Of Here:
Past Megadroughts:
Pre-Quake EM:
Hubble Veil Nebula:
Superflare Articles:…53c1219A/abstract…53c1047E/abstract

Ice Donut:
Ice Loss = Bad Winters:
Sun and India Monsoon:
Explosive Snow Increase:
Cosmic Rays and Climate:
EM Effects on Ionosphere:
Antarctic Tipping Point:

Under Hawaii:
Halt to Glaciation:
Stellar Confusion:
Centaurus A:
Earth Rotation Speeding Up:

Uncertain CGM Density:
Paleo-Baby Steps:
Solar ENSO:

Magnetic Field, Rotation, Pole Offset:
Double Quasar:
Lunar Magnetic Anomalies:
…or Not to Spray:

Universities Hoping for Loop Holes:
Muon Magnetism:
Fast-Spinning Brown Dwarfs:
Methane Oops:
Half-Cycle Harmonic Seen:
Electrodynamic Atmosphere Model:
Energetic Particles and Polar Vortex:
First its Kind Meteotsunami:

Recurring SAA:
Cosmic Rays and Clouds:
Crab Pulsar X-Ray/radio:
Centaurus A Magnetic Field:
Seeing Quadruple:
March US Climate Report:

Magnetic Event Crisis, Always:
Space Plasma Currents Sheets:
Filament Lightning:
Pre-Quake Radon:
M61 from Hubble:

Quick Cascade:
Doomsday Glacier:
Stratospheric Clouds Deplete Ozone:
Negative Upward Lightning:

Quakes and Geodesy:
Magnetic Rotation:
Solar Wind in Maximum:
IMF and Auroral Cusp:

Volcanoes and Climate:
Decadal Solar Forcing:
Solar Forcing Northern Hemisphere:
Zharkova’s Latest Nonsense:
Minor Geomagnetic Change 4000 years ago:
Thawing Permafrost Cools:
Sterile Neutrino Fail:

Melting Arctic = Snowmageddon:
March Global Climate:
Quantum Computing Problem:
Pre-Eruption Heat:
Pre-Eruption Viscosity:
Recurrent Nova:

M87 Collab:
Active Fires Video:
Recurrent Nova Feedback:
No Ultra-light Bosons:

“Black Hole” Lensing Sim:
The Massive Milky Way Disk:

Space Debris:
SHIELDS Mission:
Small Stratospheric Injection:
Quantum Spin Liquid Fantasy:
Not-Predicting Volcanoes:
Counterintuitive Stellar Growth:
Planetary Dust Ring:
Laschamp Extinction Study:
Surviving Gothenburg/Younger Dryas:

Solar Forcing:
Tectonics over Rain:
High v Low Lat Volcanoes:
Spraying the Sky:
Abell 2813:

Record Cosmic Rays:
Gothenburg Disaster:
Protostellar Jets:
Oceans Changing:
Sun & Ionosphere:

Age of Earthquake Prediction:
Mars Copter:
Permafrost overestimated:
Hiawatha Crater:
Wavier Jets:
AMO Animation:
Our Friends, Saving Brains When They Desperately Need Saving:

Proxima Flare:
Philippine Supertyphoon:
1-Sec Pulsar:
ESA Space Debris:
Cosmic Ray Nova Consideration:

Sun Triggers MegaQuakes:
Ocean Acidification:
Cass A:
Milky Way All Sky Map:
12,000 years:
Gulf Stream Changing:

Early Rotating Galaxy:
PMSE SuperBore:
Stellar Flare:
Magnitude 4 in Cali:

Stellar Collisions:
Problems Caused by Muon:
Recurrent Nova:
Older Stars:
Habitable Mars:

No Venus Lightning:
Lower Heat Transport:
Low Climate Sensitivity:
Primary Solar Change:

Earth Rotation WAS Slowing Down:
TEC Affect:
774 Proton Event:
Cycle 25 and Beyond:
Space Weather Newsletter:
IMF is Key:

Kira & Lulu 3 – Pre-Order:
Regular LOD Cycles:
EUV into GEC:
Superflare Study:
Older Solar Cycle Paper:
Mercury Magnetism:

Kira & Lulu 3 – Pre-Order:
LCDM v Reality:
No Axions:
Massive Young Chaotic Stars:
Interior Conductivity:

Dust and Sound:
Southern Ocean:
AGN Activations:
Space Radio Circle:
Sundial Waterclock:
ESO Asteroids:

Star-Planet Interaction:
Planet Forming:
Big Brains After Disaster:

Link List for March 2021

Last 28K Years:
Heart Consciousness & Magnetic Field:,_The_Human_Heart_and_The_Global_Energetic_Field_Environment.pdf
Geoid Anomalies and LLSVPs:

Heliophysics Fleet:
Solar Forest Forcing:
A Hidden Solar Forcing:
Ripples in the Sheet:
Earth Rotation:

“Elite” Research:
Pre-Quake Land Shake:
Coronal Chemistry:
Bridging the Nova Gap:
Containing Cold Plasma:

Aurora and Polar Cap in Reversal:
Cloud Climate Stability:
Solar Forcing:
UAH Global Climate:
Roman Space Telescope:

Star in Dust:
Pre-Quake Radon:
New Dark Energy?
Or Gravitomagnetism?
Lower Climate Sensitivity:

Mesosphere Echos:
Space Weather Health Risk:
Indonesia Geomagnetic:
Pre-Quake Geomagnetic:
Nova Remnant:
Volcano Planet:
Hot Earth:

Pre-Quake Thermal:
Pre-Quake GEC:
Warming Scare, In RCP8.5 or Not At All:
Zhao on Solar Forcing:
Mesosphere Echos:

Our Prediction Record:
Earth Rotation Speed:
Emissions and Protocols:
US Extreme Rainfall Pattern:

Mental Breakdown and Pain:
Nova Cen Still Angry:
Sunspots and Climate:
US Climate:
Most Distant Jet:
Lake Mungo Dust:

Extended Electric Fields:
More Cosmology Problems:
Most Distant X-Ray Jet:
Vega Star:
GreenBank and Apophis:
Hater Response:

Fractal Frog:
Star Bursts in mm:
Hidden Nova remnants:
Hunting for ET:
DM not Primordial BHs:
Bad ET Paper:
Zodiacal Light:

Oldest Not-Crater:
GOCE Sees Under the Ground:
Distant Planet, 2nd Atmosphere:
Magnetic Mapping:
Highest Energy Cosmic Rays:

No Drylands Expansion:
Feb. Global Climate:
NGC 6397:
Asthenosphere Drag:

Extreme Solar Storms:
Ryugu Impact:
Record Cold Arctic:

Disaster Playlist:
LLSVP Video:
Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Conductivity:
Upper Mantle Geomagnetic:
Deep Conductive Hydrogen:
Mantle Conductivity:
Earth EM Vortices Under Magnetic Shift:
Radiation Belt Events Underestimated:
Volcanos and Indian Drought:

Under The Greenland Ice:
Watery Exoplanets:
Pre-Quake OLR/TEC:
No Early Warning for Cascadia:

AMOC Collapse:
Opposing Caves:
Pre-Quake Magnetic:
Faintest Radio Object:
Mars Water, Not Gone:

Jupiter Cyclones:
Jupiter Aurora:
Ocean Worlds:
Life from Lightning:
Space JellyFish:
300-Day Stellar Interaction:
Centaurus A:
Heavier Halos:
Nova Helium:

Unexpected Space Molecules:
Unexpected Dwarf Galaxies:
Saturn Seasons:
Jupiter Stratospheric Winds:
Hubble Young Stars Growing:
HyperActive Reversal Frequency:

Abell 78:
Stratospheric Aerosol Data:
Biomass Maps:
Another Japan Event Coming:
Cold, Wet then Dry:
East vs West Rockies:
Arctic Green Again Someday:

Little CO2 Effect:
Less Bright:
Hilina Pali and Right Before Gothenburg:

Superionic Deep Mantle Conductivity:
Superflares are Suped-Up Solar Flares:
1582 Solar Storm:
Carrington Event Study:
Cosmic Rays and Ozone:

Unusual NLC Event:
Length of Day:
ESA Length of Day:
Born Again PNe:

Australia Rain:
Physics Smasher:
Solar Storm Current:
Nearest Star Cluster Under Duress:
Galactic Plane:

New Basalt:
San Andreas:
Alaska Quake:

Fractal Frog:
Magnetic Event 430K:
No Islands in Space:
Humans in LGM:
2017 Pacific Acceleration:
Deep Conductivity, Core Coupling, LOD, Reversals:

Chandra Images:
We Don’t Know… So “Dark Matter”
Galactic Burst:
Suez Traffic:
Expect CMEs:

Climate Cabal:
Canada Carbon Tax:
Explosive Cloud Ice:
Solar Forcing:
LIA Heat Zone:
IMF to Ionosphere:
Polar Drift Due to Water Change:
Bad Rain Models:
Arctic Ice Loss = Cooling:

Supercold Storm:
Increased Radiative Forcing:
Arctic Lightning:
Nanosecond Lightning Pulses:
TGF Radiation:
Solar Storms & Air Travel:
Another missing Nova:

Jupiter Aurora:!&utm_medium=Distribution&utm_campaign=Aurora-PR
Old Astronomical American City:
Baby Star Jets:
2017 Ionosphere Asymmetry:

Animal Movement:
Pristine Comet:
The Fight to Dim The Sun:
Cycle Timing Not Dependent on Strength:
Magnetic Cycles in Recent Past:
Definitely Overdue, Orbitally:


# February 2021


## Feb28
Electric Space Hurricane:
Natural Variability:
Warming is Good:
Gypsum Deltas:


## Feb27
Brunt Broke:
Early Large Galaxy Cluster:
River Color:
Cold Gas Flows:


Our Textbook:
Beaufort Gyre:
Gulf Stream Weakening:
Antarctic Slipping… Still:’s-george-vi-ice-shelf
2020 Hurricanes:
New Comet:
Many Earths:


## Feb25
Melting Ice = Ice Age:
ESA to the Moon:
Antarctic Slipping:
Fake thing made of another fake thing:
Parker Sees Venus:


## Feb24
Nearby Binaries:
Missing Ice Solved:
Last Ice Age was Rough:
NASA Fake Cloud:


## Feb23
149 Flips:
Bully Galaxies:
Stellar Shredding:
Solar Indian Chaos:


## Feb22
Circumnuclear Ripples:
Imposter Nova:
More Dust:
Plasma Universe:
Magnetospheric N+


## Feb21
Cali Foreshocks:
Utah Quakes:
China Natural Forcing:
Models and the Green Sahara:
Lower Climate Sensitivity:
SST over CO2:
Solar Forcing SST:
Frequent Past Reversals:
Solar-Wind Magnetosphere Coupling:


## Feb20
No Planet 9:
Electromagnetic “Dark Matter”
Melting Ice Triggers Ice Age:
Stellar Outburst:


## Feb20
No Planet 9:
Electromagnetic “Dark Matter”
Melting Ice Triggers Ice Age:
Stellar Outburst:


### February 19 2021

[SCIENCE FIGHT - Magnetic Pole Flip Extinctions | S0 News Feb.19.2021 -](

[A global environmental crisis 42,000 years ago](
[The Role of Geomagnetic Field Intensity in Late Quaternary Evolution of Humans and Large Mammals](
[Kauri trees mark magnetic flip 42,000 years ago](
[First black hole ever detected is more massive than we thought](
[Touchdown! NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover Safely Lands on Red Planet](
[Titan: Earth-like on the Outside, Ocean World on the Inside](
[NZ's ancient kauri yields major scientific discovery](

url: ouH1kmXLrsE

<p>### February 18 2021</p>
<p>[Triggering Cold, Gamma Ray Lightning, Older Mammoths | S0 News -](</p>
<p>[How icebergs really melt - and what it could mean for climate change](<br />
[Thunderstorms spew out gamma rays — these scientists want to know why](<br />
[NASA Helps Identify Uptick in Emissions of Ozone-Depleting Compounds](<br />
[Out of This World: U of I Bioenergy Researchers Accurately Measure Photosynthesis from Space](<br />
[Million-year-old mammoth genomes shatter record for oldest ancient DNA](</p>
<p>```youtube<br />
url: AnOE_X7PVOw<br />


### February 17 2021

[Extinction from Nature - Not Humans, Tricky Nova, Backwards Star | S0 News Feb.17.2021 -](

[Climate change likely drove the extinction of North America’s largest animals - February 16, 2021]( - New research suggests that overhunting by humans was not responsible for the extinction of mammoths, ground sloths, and other North American megafauna.
[First humans in Tasmania must have seen spectacular auroras - 15 Feb 2021]( - A small sub-alpine lake in western Tasmania has helped establish that 41,000 years ago Australia experienced the Laschamp geomagnetic excursion and that Tasmanian Aboriginals would've seen it.
[Switching to Firm Contracts May Prevent Natural Gas Fuel Shortages at U.S. Power Plants, Study Finds - February 11, 2021](
[The Peculiar X-ray Transient Swift J0840.7−3516: an Unusual Low Mass X-ray Binary or a TidalDisruption Event?](
[A backward-spinning star with two coplanarplanets](
[Titan: Earth-like on the Outside, Ocean World on the Inside](
[NZ's ancient kauri yields major scientific discovery](

url: F1Mgq8AlpSo

<p>### February 16 2021</p>
<p>[Earth Magnetic Shift: Another Anomaly, Comet Cycle, Record Cold, Birds | S0 News Feb.16.2021 -](<br />
[Researchers rethink life in a cold climate after Antarctic find]( - Scientists surprised by marine organisms on boulder on sea floor beneath 900 metres of ice shelf<br />
[The cataclysm that killed the dinosaurs - February 15, 2021]( - New theory explains possible origin of plummeting Chicxulub impactor that struck off Mexico.<br />
[Portrait of young galaxy throws theory of galaxy formation on its head - 11 February 2021]( - Scientists have challenged our current understanding of how galaxies form by unveiling pictures of a young galaxy in the early life of the Universe which appears surprisingly mature.<br />
[Birds can ‘read’ the Earth’s magnetic signature well enough to get back on course - Feb 10, 2021](<br />
[The Mag.num core field model as a parent for IGRF-13, and the recent evolution of the South Atlantic Anomaly - 11 February 2021](<br />
[NOAA/NCEI and University of Colorado candidate models for IGRF-13 - 11 February 2021](</p>
<p>```youtube<br />
url: vXfloD81WHw<br />


### February 15 2021

[Earth Cycle, Solar Forcing, New Planets Discovered | S0 News Feb.15.2021 -](

[Hubble Takes Portrait of Nebula](
[MNRAS000, 1–11 (2021)Preprint 9 February 2021Compiled using MNRAS LATEX style file v3.0Evidence that short period AM CVn systems are diverse in outburstbehaviour](
[Is Turning Down the Sun a Good Proxy for Stratospheric Sulfate Geoengineering?](
[Vortex Generation and Auroral Response to a Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure Increase: Event Analyses](
[A high‐resolution paleosecular variation record for marine isotope stage 6 from Southeastern Black Sea sediments](
[NASA's TESS Discovers New Worlds in a River of Young Stars](

url: kig5ulVTqYI

<p>### February 14 2021</p>
<p>[Record Cold, Magnetic Disks, Climate Fails | S0 News Feb.14.2021 -](</p>
<p>[Formation of intermediate-mass planets via magnetically controlled disk fragmentation](<br />
[Quantification of temperature and precipitation changes in northern China during the “5000-year” Chinese History](<br />
[Uncertainty of ENSO-amplitude projections in CMIP5 and CMIP6 models](<br />
[Urbanization Effects on Estimates of Global Trends in Mean and Extreme Air Temperature - 10 Feb 2021](<br />
[U.S. Pacific Coastal Droughts Are Predominantly Driven by Internal Atmospheric Variability - 10 Feb 2021](<br />
[Is Brunt on the brink?](<br />
[Vaporised crusts of Earth-like planets found in dying stars](</p>
<p>```youtube<br />
url: cXoSvmb578g<br />


### February 13 2021

[Earth Skeleton, Rotation Glitches, Climate | S0 News Feb.13.2021 -](

[Intraseasonal variations in atmospheric and oceanic excitation of length of day](
[Spatial characteristics of recycled and primordial reservoirs in the deep mantle](
[Swirlonic super particles baffle physicists](
[CME Magnetic Structure and IMF PreconditioningAffecting SEP Transport](
[Global Temperature and Precipitation Maps](

url: zNMoRrCEWas

<p>### February 12 2021</p>
<p>[Earth Rotation Speed-Up Alarm, Furthest Planet, Polar Vortex | S0 News Feb.12.2021 -](</p>
<p>[NAU astronomer on team confirming orbit of most distant object ever observed in our solar system](<br />
[Spectacular ‘honeycomb heart’ revealed in iconic stellar explosion](<br />
[Astronomers uncover mysterious origins of ‘super-Earths’ News](<br />
[Hubble Uncovers Concentration of Small Black Holes](<br />
[ASKAP observations of multiple rapid scintillators reveal adegrees-long plasma filament](<br />
[Earth Is in a Hurry in 2020](</p>
<p>```youtube<br />
url: LQ1FF8BpdsM<br />


### February 11 2021

[The Solar Magnetic Shift Begins, Missing Matter, Mars | S0 News Feb.11.2021 -](

[The MUSE Extremely Deep Field: the Cosmic Web in Emission atHigh Redshift](
[Evidence for distinctive changes in the solar wind helium abundance incycle 24]( - The Primary Solar Change Has Begun
[ExoMars discovers new gas and traces water loss on Mars](
[Student astronomer finds galactic missing matter]( - Hydrogen Snow Clouds in Space

url: Sr38wqhpl7w

<p>### February 10 2021</p>
<p>[Real Climate Science, FRBs, Earthquake Watch | S0 News Feb.10.2021 -](</p>
<p>[A single fast radio burst localized to a massive galaxy at cosmological distance](<br />
[Country-based rate of emissions reductions should increase by 80% beyond nationally determined contributions to meet the 2°C target](<br />
[Aerosols in current and future Arctic climate](<br />
[Observationally Constrained Cloud Phase unmasks Orbitally Driven Climate Feedbacks](<br />
[Apollo 14 Hike To Cone Crater](<br />
[Could Recent U.S. Warming Trends be Largely Spurious?](</p>
<p>```youtube<br />
url: ouH1kmXLrsE<br />


### February 9 2021

[Solar System is Shifting, Magnetosense, Electroquake | S0 News Feb.9.2021 -](

[Sagittarius A East: Rare Blast's Remains Discovered in Milky Way Center](
[UAH Global Temperature Update for January 2021: +0.12 deg. C -new base period-](
[NOA Temp, Precipitation, Drought - January 2021](
[Seismic-ionospheric disturbancesin ionospheric TEC and plasma parameters associated with the 14 July 2019 𝑴𝒘𝟕.𝟐Laiwui earthquake detected by the GPS and CSES](
[The strength and structure of the magnetic field in the galactic outflow of M82](
[Cryptochrome 1 mediates light-dependent inclination magnetosensing in monarch butterflies](

url: yivlyAtzRHo

<p>### February 8 2021</p>
<p>[Confirmed: Earth Magnetic Cycle, Galactic Sheet | Feb.8.2021 S0 News -](</p>
<p>[The Interplanetary Magnetic Field -Parker Spiral-](<br />
[Hubble Sees a Stellar Furnace](<br />
[The kinetics of O2 singlet electronic states in the upper and middle atmosphere during energetic electron precipitation](<br />
[A deep search for decaying dark matter withXMM-Newtonblank-sky observations](<br />
[A puzzling non-detection of -O III- and -C II- from a z ≈ 7.7 galaxy observed with ALMA](<br />
[Revisiting Rotation Measures from the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey: the Magnetic Field in theDisk of the Outer Galaxy](<br />
[Characteristic periods of the paleosecular variation of the Earth&#039;s magnetic field during the Holocene from global paleoreconstructions](</p>
<p>```youtube<br />
url: ouH1kmXLrsE<br />


### February 7 2021

[Geomagnetic Storm, Dam Break, Ozone, Aurora | S0 News Feb.7.2021 -](

[Arctic ozone depletion in 2019/20: Roles of chemistry, dynamics and the Montreal Protocol](
[Auroral Energy Flux and Joule Heating Derived from Global Maps of Field-Aligned Currents](
[Importance of Uncertainties in the Spatial Distribution of Pre‐Industrial Wildfires for Estimating Aerosol Radiative Forcing](
[Modeling of the Lower Ionosphere During Solar X‐Ray Flares of Different Classes](

url: BHJPSr6dIsU

<p>### February 6 2021</p>
<p>[Disaster Cycle, Green Sahara, Liquid Sun | S0 News Feb.6.2021 -](</p>
<p>[Past river activity in northern Africa reveals multiple Sahara greenings](<br />
[Chronological control and centennial-scale climatic subdivisions of the Last Glacial Termination in the western Mediterranean region](<br />
[The altitude of sprites observed over South Africa](<br />
[Genetic effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields](</p>
<p>```youtube<br />
url: 8VLlB5j62lI<br />


### February 5 2021

[Major Polar Vortex Event, Coronal Holes, Venus Fly Magnet | S0 News Feb.5.2021 -](

[Venus flytraps found to produce magnetic fields](
[Aeolus shines a light on polar vortex](
[Dynamical coupling of a mean-field dynamo and its wind: Feedback loop over a stellar activity cycle](
[How do electrons close to Earth reach almost the speed of light?](

url: 6TleidHegPY

<p>### February 4 2021</p>
<p>[Arctic Extremes, Tricky Dust, Deadline | S0 News Feb.4.2021 -](</p>
<p>[The Galactic Faraday rotation sky 2020](<br />
[AlFoCS + F3D II: unexpectedly low gas-to-dust ratios in the Fornax galaxycluster](<br />
[Glacial episodes of a freshwater Arctic Ocean covered by a thick ice shelf](<br />
[Eroding Cascadia—Sediment and solute transport and landscape denudation in western Oregon and northwestern California](<br />
[NASA Satellites Help Quantify Forests’ Impacts on Global Carbon Budget](</p>
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### February 3 2021

[Bezos Bug-Out Location, Climate Oops, Earthquakes | S0 News Feb.3.2021 -](

[COVID-19 lockdowns temporarily raised global temperatures](
[Astronomers detect extended dark matter halo around ancient dwarf galaxy](
[Searching for dark matter through the fifth dimension](

url: fN_7-TXd48U

<p>### February 2 2021</p>
<p>[Triple Dark Nova, Missing Irradiance, Solar Wind | S0 News Feb.2.2021 -](</p>
<p>[Dark Supernova Remnants revealed by CO-line Bubbles in theW43 Molecular Complex along the 4-kpc Arm](<br />
[Solar Irradiance Variability Due To Solar FlaresObserved in Lyman-alpha Emission](<br />
[Probing the timescale-dependent stability of local and global surface air temperaturefrom climate simulations and reconstructions of the last millennia](</p>
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url: XTOG79BQ2Tk<br />


### February 1 2021

[Earth Rotation Changes | Advanced Catastrophism | S0 News Feb.1.2021 -](

[Arctic ozone depletion in 2019/20: Roles of chemistry, dynamics and the Montreal Protocol](
[Auroral Energy Flux and Joule Heating Derived from Global Maps of Field-Aligned Currents](
[Importance of Uncertainties in the Spatial Distribution of Pre‐Industrial Wildfires for Estimating Aerosol Radiative Forcing](
[Modeling of the Lower Ionosphere During Solar X‐Ray Flares of Different Classes](

url: VmFj1IcdTTM

<p>### February 1 2021</p>
<p>[Earth Speeding Up - Record Rotation | S0 News Feb.1.2021 -](</p>
<p>[Unexpected LIGO events and the Mirror World](<br />
[TNG50 Images: state-of-the-art cosmological galaxy formation simulations](<br />
[Global Earthquake Forecasting System (GEFS): The challenges ahead](<br />
[Earth Is in a Hurry in 2020](</p>
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### January 2021


### January 31

[Space Record, Ball Lightning Risk, Solar Forcing Jets | S0 News Jan.31.2021 -](

[Transient Extratropical Response to Solar Ultraviolet Radiation in the Northern Hemisphere Winter](
[Toward a theory of ball lightning occurring in houses and aircraft](
[A Lyman-α protocluster at redshift 6.9](

url: 4FL_ag1kcLg

<p>### January 30</p>
<p>[Magnetic Pole Shift Update, Life, Nova, Quake Watch | S0 News Jan.30.2021 -](</p>
<p>[Old Fungus](<br />
[Mighty Mouse](<br />
[Nebula](<br />
[Field Fading](<br />
[Sprite/GEC Currents](<br />
[Magnetism: NASA](<br />
[ESA](<br />
[SWARM](<br />
[Pacific Acceleration](</p>
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url: 4FL_ag1kcLg<br />


### January 29

[Sun Glitches Earth's Rotation, Planets Migrate, Electroquakes | S0 News Jan.29.2021 -](

[Atmospheric and ionospheric coupling phenomena associated with large earthquakes]( - "Electroquakes"
[Global surface temperature response to 11-year solar cycle forcing consistent with general circulation model results](
[Chronostratigraphy of a 270-ka sediment record from Lake Selina, Tasmania: Combining radiometric, geomagnetic and climatic dating](
[The Epoch of Giant Planet Migration Planet Search Program. I.Near-Infrared Radial Velocity Jitter of Young Sun-like Stars]( - Planet migration
[Signature of geomagnetic superstorm in Earth's rotation speed]( - Solar Storm Rotation Glitch
[Variations in the length of day of the earth due to topographic core-mantle coupling in a stratified layer]( - Rotation Glitch Thesis

url: Dl39yJkA-0U


### January 28

[Atlantic Splitting](
[Dark Matter Math](
[6 Eclipsing stars](


### January 27

[Magnetic Waves](
[Galaxies Collide](
[Roman Sphere Hunter](
[Trees v Depression](


### January 26

[Cosmic Magnetic Connections](
[Dr. Robitaille – Heavy Metal Star](
[Record Ice Loss](
[Geomagnetic Effect on Satellites](
[Geomagnetic Biology Patterns](
[Whale Magnetism](
[Planets in Resonance](


### January 25

[Mono Lake](
[Seven Sisters](
[Telluric Currents](
[Near-Instantaneous field to current forcing](
[Lightning to Magnetosphere](
[Hubble Tension](
[Deuterium Tension](
[Not Frozen-In](
[Reionization bias](


### January 24

[Observer Ranch](
[Observer Ranch, Make it Happen](
[Saturn Tilt](
[Magnetosphere Energy Conversion](
[“Humans Cause Global Warming](
[“If you ignore the sun”](


### January 23

[Heinrich in Oxygen Isotopes](
[Parker Spiral Extends](
[Solar Storm Scenario UK](
[Antarctic Waters](


### January 22

[Still No Axions](
[Mars Gale Crater Like Iceland](
[Life in the Solar System?](


### January 21

[Lucky Planet Survives Nova](
[Chart of Climate](
[Dwarf Nova:
[Sun, ENSO, Monsoon](
[Big Lightning](


### January 20

[1000 Years of Sun](
[Cosmic Beasts](


### January 19

[Lower Mantle Conductivity and More](
[Super-Puff Planet](
[New Nebula Science](


### January 18

[Space Weather Tech Glitches](
[Solar Storms and Ozone](
[Solar Wind Pressure Pulses](
[SkyScholar – Nuclear Reactions](
[Umbral Standing Waves](
[Solar Activity in the 1900s](


## January 17

[Radio Proxima](
[Satellite Galaxies](
[Global Electric Circuit](
[Climate Model Oversensitive](


## January 16

[Magnetic Snakes](
[X-Ray Excess](
[Galactic Halo Fields](
[Gulf of Mexico Superbasin](
[DESI Sky Map](
[Magnetic Whirlpool Galaxy](
[Magnetic Galactic Flows](
[Insight Mole, Buried](


## January 15

[Space is Dark](
[Earth-Like Microlenser](
[Another, Higher Solar Cycle Forecast](
[Supersonic Turbulence Sim](
[NOAA Climate Report](
[3rd Century Nova](
[Galaxy Mergers](


## January 14

[Solar Forcing](
[Wildfire Smoke Cools](
[Melting Ice Leads to Ice Age](,-scientists-find
[Cosmic Neighborhood](
[World w/Three Stars](


## January 13

[Seeing Deep Space](
[Rocky Planets Since Forever](
[Gas Ejection From Galaxy](
[Solar Wind Energy in the North](
[X-Ray Star](
[Missed Nova](
[Michigan Lightning](
[Old Faithful Galaxy](
[Quasar Record](
[FRBs further conflict with cosmology](


## January 12

[Closer to The Brick](
[UV Biosignals](
[Gray Whale Stranding Surge](,Since%20January%201%2C%202019%2C%20elevated%20gray%20whale%20strandings%20have%20occurred,Unusual%20Mortality%20Event%20(UME).&text=A%20gray%20whale%20found%20dead,National%20Seashore%20in%20northern%20California.
[Solar Seismology](


## January 11

[Dwarf Nova Cycle](
[Solar-Type Superflares](
[Thermal Alteration of Ryugu](
[What are they seeing?](
[Electric Current Approach](


## January 10

[Electroquake Warning System](
[Solar Flux & Ionosphere](
[Recurrent nova](
[Beaufort Confusion](


## January 9

[Chandra Magnetar](
[Galaxy Mergers](
[Phytoplankton Bloom](


## January 8

[Giant Planet Migration](
[Cosmos Missions](
[December Temp Drop](
[Galactic Rotation Article](
[Magnetic Biochemistry](


## January 7

[Earth Rotation Glitches](
[Pre-Quake Signal](


## January 6

[New Solar Missions](
[SPHEREx Mission](
[Giant Pulsar Burst](
[Anomalous Dwarf Nova](


## January 5

[Isotope Dump at YD](
[Dry, Not Drying](
[Universe Age… :/](
[Wet Pluto](


## January 4

[Eclipse TEC](
[Orbital Forcing](
[200 hPa](


## January 3

[Conductivity from Particle Flux](
[COVID Climate](
[Cloud Uncertainty](


## January 1

[Primordial Nonsense](
[Galaxy Mapping](
[Solar Neutron Decay](
[Magnetic Terminators](