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December 2021

December 1
Smoke to the Stratosphere:
ESO Sees “Black Holes”
Galactic Surprise:
Low L Shell Solar Effect:

December 2
Nova Progenitor Confusion:
Solar Energy Build-Up:
No DM Galaxy:
Particles in Fields:
Sentinel 6:
Organic Star:

December 3
Dr. Robitaille – Solar Gamma Rays:
Recurrent Nova:
Magnetic Navigation:
DOs and Heinrich’s Back Then:

December 6
Geomagnetic Circadian Rhythm:
Solar Health Effects:
Stellar Encounters:
Sun and SAM:

December 7
Methane Release:
Planetary Nebulae:
Accretion Outburst:
IMF and Polar Cap Arcs:
Night Sky Brightness at Sunspot Min:
IMF and Penetration Electric Fields:
Protons Underappreciated:

December 8
Magnetic Double Helix Jet:
LLSVPs and their opposite:
Liver and Space:
Star Carves With Jets:
Dark Matter Missing:
LCDM Challenge:

December 9
South Atlantic Anomaly:
3 Excursions, 1 Missing:
Human Health and Solar/Geomagnetic:
H2 in Galactic Wind:
Webb Sim Snowflake:
Planet Imaged:

December 10
Superflare Spotted:
Our Galactic Mini-Jet:
Solar Climate Forcing:

December 11
Variable Dwarf Nova:
Fast Brightening Nova:
Anomalous Stars:
Cosmic Ray Model Fail:
Electric Currents in Photosphere:
SuperJupiter Spotted:

December 12
Big Burb Episode 2:
Magnetic Disaster Video:
Magnetic Study:
H1 and Younger Dryas:
Electron Ozone Destruction:

December 13
Big Burb Episode 2:
Geomagnetic Storm Responses:
Triboelectric Charged Grains:

December 14
Earth Observing Fleet:
Pre-Seismic TEC:
SAA and South Pole:
Before LGM:

December 15
Parker Probe Touches the Sun:
Galactic Center:
Climate Report:

December 16
Parker Paper:
Orbiter Paper:
Mars Water:
SWARM Geomagnetic Storms:
Cracks in The Ice:
Little Ice Age Triggered By Ice Melt, Triggered by the Sun:

December 17
Chandra Fantasy:
ALMA Fantasy:
Galactic Arm Breakers:
Galactic Magnetic Fields:
Beyond the Radcliffe Wave:

December 18
The Geomagnetic Field:
Pole Shift & Weak Spot:
Pre-Quake Geomagnetic:
Pre-Quake Atmospheric Chemistry:
Dark Energy Challenge:
Challenging LCDM:

December 19
Geomagnetic Oscillation:
Atmospheric Bridge:
Solar Flare Equatorial Ionosphere Forcing:
Iron Sub-Earth:

December 20
Grand Minimum:
Power Outages and Space Weather:
Spider Electric Field Take-Off:
Where’d the Plutonium Come From?
Recurrent Nova:

December 22
Younger Dryas, Heinrich Events, Localized Indian Effects:
Global Warming Before Magnetic Excursion:
Solar Forcing Low Latitude & Thermosphere:
No Dark Matter, but… :
YD in Texas:
Gothenburg, Simultaneous Mass Tree Death:

December 23
Watching Space Weather for WEBB:
Massive AGN Outburst:
70 New Rogue Planets:
Tsunami Magnetic Fields:
Alternative Nova Scenarios:

December 24
1940 Superstorm:

December 25 No News

December 26
Earth Disaster Documentary:
The Tree of Life:
Solar Driven Surface Current:
Solar Cycle & NAO:

December 27
Big Burb Ep.3
Cooper Responds to Catastrophism Haters:
Jupiter Field Change:
Solar Forcing, Nigeria:

December 28
Pre-Electroquake Signals:
Solar Forcing Biology:
GPS Errors:
Solar Wind Electric Field:

December 29
Electric Current Superflare:
Life Under Ice:
Vedde Ash:
YD, Synced:

December 30
Ionosphere Modeling:
Articles Citing Our Best Paper:,6&hl=en

December 31
RECOMMENDED VIDEO – Philosophy of the Community:
Rapid Magnetic Accretion & Burst:
Magnetic Stellar Evolution:
1500 & 2200 year cycles:
Ancient D-Os: