Networking and Servers:

The network is the basic plumbing of the internet, if you're a home user you probably have an ISP router and a simple 'star' network using Wifi or hard-wired.  Businesses are more complex, sometimes requiring secondary routers.  Don't worry, we have Cisco-certified network engineers who service all brands of equipment.

Issues that our customers encounter:

Mostly dead spots within the home or in the property.  In Illinois, there are many older homes, built during the 1800s, that have lead paint and are constructed of other non-modern building materials which impede signal transmissions.  We can solve this problem through the use of hybrid wired/wireless solutions, mesh networks, antennas, POE, and power circuit networking.

Wired versus Wifi debate:

Wired is always faster, always!  Wifi provides the user with the freedom to roam the premises without lugging a cable.  So, devices that have permanent locations like routers, desktop computers, security camera, printers, RFID sensors, and servers should be hard-wired into the network.  Laptops, tablets, and mobile devices will most likely connect to Wifi, so the best option is to have a wired access point, like the NightHawk from Netgear.

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When wiring a location, specific care should be given to the type of wiring that you purchase and install.  Certain types of devices, such as wireless access points (WiFi bases), can be powered by the networking cable using POE technology.  There are multiple types of obstructions and interference surrounding us, our wireless signals are usually not performing at their optimal capacity. We can help you address this by figuring out the best means of extending your wireless range or whether or not the installation of a hard line is necessary. CAT6e cabling provides the most current ethernet media.

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We have experience purchasing, installing, configuring, developing for, and maintaining the following server products:

  • Windows Server
  • Active Directory
  • PowerShell
  • LAMP
  • AWS - RDS
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server

For 20 years, working both at Microsoft on the development of Exchange Server and with EMC developing for SQL Server integration, we have a deep understanding of almost every conceivable issue with both systems.  Obviously, this work has provided the intimate knowledge of every version of Windows and Windows Server.

myTech.Today has been developing an AWS-based web application that uses RDS, S3, APN, Route 53 for the backend and EC2 for the front and back end.  There is a good chance that we have the experience that fits with your application needs.

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