This software is one of the most impressive amateur projects that I have seen. The reason for this is that I was attempting to build the same software some time ago. Presenta is a much better, better coded version of my same idea. It\'s uncanny that Francisco\'s Presenta is so close to what I was envisioning.

The idea behind Presenta is a quick, easy to create slideshow/presentation player.

Based on the markdown format, as the base human readable format, the user can easily piece together text, links, images, and video within minutes, which can be easily shared across the internet.

The presentations are divided into blocks similar to the markdown file\'s "---\"

Similar to this:


# Block 1
This is a <mark>mark</mark>, a highlighted section, in Presenta.


# Block 2

videoSize: contain


# Block 3


Block 1

This is a mark, a highlighted section, in Presenta and Markdown

Block 2

Block 3