Terrible, terrible GoDaddy…

Terrible, terrible GoDaddy...

It's just come to the point where I have to warn clients against using GoDaddy for their websites.  It's expensive and difficult to use.

Despite GoDaddy's enormous marketing effort to make it seem like they have a corner on the website hosting market, they do a really expensive and terrible job at what they do.

If you want to pay extra for every single little service that they provide, please, by all means, use them.  They will charge you for the domain registration (, the website hosting (where the data of the website is located on the internet), email accounts ($4/month/email address), for daily backups of your site, for site-lock protection (a superfluous service that prevents others from taking over your site, which I thought was their job anyway?), and every other service.

In good conscience, I just can't recommend them.  There are other hosting services that just do a much better job at what they do, such as Bluehost, GetFlywheel, or even having me host it on my own service at myTech.Today.  All of these options are superior to using GoDaddy.

If you want to know more, give me a call at 847-767-4914 to discuss your options.