Backups, Backups, Backups, & Restores – the ransomware antidote

Backups, Backups, Backups, & Restores - the ransomware antidote

Ransomware hits hundreds of dentist offices in the US

Ransomware group gains access to dental software backend, deploys ransomware on customers' systems.

Backups, Backups, Backups, & Restores - the ransomware antidote  

Recently, dental professionals were targeted by hackers who attempted to extort ransoms to hundreds of dental offices across the United States after they gained access to the centralized billing software licensed by all of the targeted offices.  By attacking the centralized billing software of the one software creator, the hackers were able to deliver ransomware viruses to each dental offices' server, which was running the software.  After being infected, the virus encrypted all of the Microsoft Office documents, images files, data files of the specific infected software, including all billing records, customer records such as x-ray images.

Unfortunately, this is what can happen to any business, at any time, when it becomes infected with ransomware.  A user will click on a link in an email, then BOOM!, that computer connects to other computers on the local network, then infects them, and repeats.  At the same time, the virus begins to encrypt all of the business records, with a message to pay the ransomers some amount of money in order to get the data back.

Aside from paying the ransom, the best choice of action is to have a backup of your data from either minutes/hours ago or last night from which you can restore all of your important business files, images, and data, such as customer records.

Backups and Restores are an often overlooked part of a technology infrastructure of any business.  Unfortunately, it's a cost in which you hope that you will never have to need the benefit of it.  However, if that moment arrives, the benefit will save your business.  Being able to restore data in this information age is key to staying in business.

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