Strong Passwords that are Easy to Remember 2023

Strong Passwords that are Easy to Remember

Passwords can be a challenge. They're often hard to remember, difficult to create, and you must differentiate between different sites.


Most modern password systems have the following criteria:

  • Between 8-12, sometimes 16, characters
  • A number 0-9
  • A capital letter A-Z
  • A lower case letter a-z
  • A punctuation mark !@# (recommended confining to these only)

Complex Passwords

Constructing memorable, unique passwords for every site is crucial. An effective method involves taking two characters from the domain, a year, a punctuation mark, and a keyword to form a phrase. This phrase remains almost identical for every site but varies slightly.

Different Passwords

Ensure each password for every website is distinct. If one site is compromised, it prevents attackers from using the same credentials on other platforms.


Trusting third-party entities like password managers with all your passwords can be risky. While browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Brave may offer to remember your passwords, be wary of letting giants like Google or Microsoft store them. Similarly, avoid letting Norton, McAfee, or any antivirus software handle your passwords.

Best Practice

The optimal strategy is to never note down your passwords. Instead, commit them to memory. Here's an illustrative example: