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Best Strong Passwords to use that are Easy to Remember 2024

Best Strong Passwords to use that are Easy to Remember 2024

Best Strong Passwords to use that are Easy to Remember 2024

Passwords are the worst. They are difficult to remember, difficult to create and difficult to diffrentiate between sites.

There are several options that users employ to save their passwords: paper scribblings, the browser's own password saving feature, password-saving programs, and worst yet, password-saving websites.


Most current password systems will require the following:
  • Between 8-12, sometimes 16, characters
  • A number 0-9
  • A capital letter A-Z
  • A lower case letter a-z
  • A punctuation mark !@# (recommended confining to these only)

Complex Passwords

The easiest way to create passwords is to use a system to build unique passwords that are easy to remember. The easiest way is to take two characters from the domain, a year, a punctuation mark, and a key word, and combind them together into a phrase that is almost the same for every site, yet slightly different.

Different Passwords

We also want each password for each website to be unique, so that if one site is hacked then your user name and password for the hacked site can’t be used to gain access to your accounts on different sites.

Hackers will capture password(s) from a hack, which consists of usernames, email addresses, and passwords. With these three, they will attempt to logon to banking and financial instution web sites, or whatever else they like. In 99.999% of instances, they will use the captures trio of info, but not ever, ever attempt your "similar" password. The fact that every password is different will stave off security breaches from third-party databases.

Strong Passwords

The way to do this is to build a password phrase, such as below:

Domain 2 char Domain Key Year Punc. 5+ char Key Word New Combo Password
FIRSTsecond FIRSTsecond Year Punc Key-word Go 2024 ! Grape Go2024!Grape Xb 2024 ! Grape Xb2024!Grape Tw 2024 ! Grape Tw2024!Grape Di 2024 ! Grape Di2024!Grape Na 2024 ! Grape Na2024!Grape Ge 2024 ! Grape Ge2024!Grape
FIRSTlast FIRSTlast Key-word Year Punc Ge 2024 @ Buick GeBuick2024@ Xx 2024 @ Buick XxBuick2024@ Tr 2024 @ Buick TwBuick2024@ Dd 2024 @ Buick DdBuick2024@ Na 2024 @ Buick NaBuick2024@ Ge 2024 @ Buick GeBuick2024@
firstSECOND firstSECOND Year Punc Key-word gO 2024 # Hundo gO2024#Hundo xB 2024 # Hundo xB2024#Hundo tW 2024 # Hundo tW2024#Hundo dI 2024 # Hundo dI2024#Hundo nA 2024 # Hundo nA2024#Hundo gE 2024 # Hundo gE2022#Hundo
lastFIRST lastFIRST Year Punc Key-word eG 2024 @ Pizza eG2024@Pizza xX 2024 @ Pizza xX2024@Pizza rT 2024 @ Pizza rT2024@Pizza Dd 2024 @ Pizza Dd2024@Pizza aN 2024 @ Pizza aN2024@Pizza eG 2024 @ Pizza eG2024@Pizza
FIRSTthird FIRSTthird Year Punc Key-word Go 2024 @ Pizza Go2024@Pizza Xo 2024 @ Pizza Xo2024@Pizza Ti 2024 @ Pizza Ti2024@Pizza Ds 2024 @ Pizza Ds2024@Pizza Ns 2024 @ Pizza Ns2024@Pizza Ge 2024 @ Pizza Ge2024@Pizza
Domain 2 char Domain Key 5+ char Key Word Year Punc. New Combo Password
FIRSTlast FIRSTlast Key-word Year Punc Ge glitter 1990 ! Goglitter1990! Xx glitter 1990 ! Xoglitter1990! Tr glitter 1990 ! Tiglitter1990! Dd glitter 1990 ! Dsglitter1990! Na glitter 1990 ! Nsglitter1990! Ge glitter 1990 ! Geglitter1990!
Last modified: March 8, 2024