The big financial news of the past decade isn't the stock market, low unemployment, or anything so mundane.  Instead, the big news, year-to-year, and over the past 5-years & 10-years has been the phenomenal growth of bitcoin and crypto-related coins.

Forbes: Bitcoin’s 9,000,000% Rise This Decade Leaves the Skeptics Aghast 

The year-to-year increase in the price of BTC, bitcoin's market acronym.  As a currency, it can be traded against any type of asset, including other currencies, real estate, property, and services.

Unlike the Federal Reserve Notes in your pocket and bank, the bitcoin reserve is capped.  There is no run-away inflation in the currency.


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The truly phenomenal chart regarding Bitcoin is the 10-year year-to-year growth:

Bitcoin (BTC) growth from inception to 2020

Just no other investment has even come close to this type of growth over this long of a period.

If you have any interest in pursuing Bitcoings or other cryptocurrencies, please feel free to contact me for more details.

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