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If you are still running business-critical software on Windows XP that is just a recipe for disaster. First, the hardware is probably 10 years old. So, you start to run into the real-world failure of motherboards, & network cards, not to mention Hard Drives.

Also, the existing computer is just slow. I worked on a Windows XP computer today that was trying to load the Dropbox service. That was a painful experience. I was trying to think of some way to solve this issue for his business.

A new Windows 10 Computer can run a Virtual Computer inside of a window on the new machine's desktop. They are called virtual machines, using this built-in, Microsoft technology and the right hardware, you can host your old Windows XP, or Windows 95, or, even, Windows 3.1 system on your brand new computer.

The benefit of this type of setup is that you get to use the latest and greatest processors, hardware, Windows 10, whatever form factor you want, web security, and updates, and all the benefits of a new computer. Also, the virtual computer will also run as if it were running the new, latest and greatest hardware too, with all of the new memory. It is just a fantastic solution to being tied to previous OSs due to specialized software.

The current Windows XP machine image will be save at a moment in time then transfered on the the new Winows 10 computer, where it will run as a window of the Windows XP Desktop.

Last modified: March 2, 2020