"I switched away from Google Analytics to Plausible for a better user experience, privacy and performance. As an added advantage, the accuracy of the reported metrics for my website has improved by 30-40%.
Goat Counter was the first option I looked into. It ticks most of the boxes and is fully open-source, easy to self-host and has a sane pricing model but I was not in love with the user interface of the metrics dashboard. Another option was Simple Analytics, but it’s proprietary and too expensive for me at $19/month for ~100k views monthly.

Eventually, it came down to a choice between Plausible and Fathom. They both have a similar feature set, a good user interface to view my stats, and lightweight tracking scripts. I decided to go with Plausible in the end.

It mostly came down to pricing (Plausible starts at $12/month for ~100k views with a 33% discount if billed annually), and the fact that the codebase is fully open source and supports self-hosting without restrictions. On the other hand, Fathom starts at $14/month for the same amount of views and the V2 of the service is no longer open source. They have a Lite version on GitHub, but it’s clear from the Readme file that they don’t want anyone to use it."

Last modified: July 12, 2020