Important Information Regarding Google Workspace Folder Management
Important Information Regarding Google Workspace Folder Management

Important Information Regarding Google Workspace Folder Management

Dear Customers,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am writing to inform you about a significant issue encountered by one of my other clients while using Google Workspace. Although your systems are functioning correctly, I believe this information could be valuable for preventing potential problems.

It appears that renaming a folder within Google Workspace can sometimes cause the folder to become disassociated from the Google account, potentially leading to email loss. This incident occurred with a client whose company president renamed a folder incorrectly, resulting in the folder's disappearance. Unfortunately, the issue was only discovered six months later, after Google's retention policy had expired, making the emails irretrievable.

Google's policy allows for email recovery only up to six months. It assumes that users will either utilize third-party backup solutions or manually back up their emails regularly.

If you would like to discuss solutions to prevent this from happening in your organization, I am available to assist.

Best regards,

Kyle Rode

Automated Ways to Back Up Google Workspace

  • Backupify

    Automated backups with unlimited storage, customizable retention, and 24/7 support. Provides granular recovery options.

    Price: $3/user/month or $30/user/year

  • CloudAlly

    Automated and on-demand backups for Gmail, Drive, and more. Supports data export to various storage options and provides strong security.

    Price: $3/user/month or $30/user/year

  • Druva inSync

    Cloud-native backup solution with automated backups, data deduplication, and robust compliance features.

    Price: $2.50/user/month for Business plan

  • Spanning Backup

    Provides automated, comprehensive backups of all Google Workspace data with centralized management and granular recovery options.

    Price: $4/user/month

  • Rewind

    Automatic daily backups for Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, and Team Drives. Ensures easy restoration of data.

    Price: $3/user/month

  • SpinOne

    Automated daily backups with encryption and efficient incremental backups. Supports multiple cloud applications.

    Price: $3/user/month

  • AvePoint Cloud Backup

    Offers automated daily backups up to four times a day with strong encryption and comprehensive restore options.

    Price: Contact for pricing

  • Dropsuite

    Easy setup with automated data backup services that occur multiple times a day. Strong focus on preventing data loss.

    Price: $3/user/month

  • Afi Backup

    Provides continuous data protection with automated backups and advanced recovery features tailored for Google Workspace.

    Price: $4/user/month

  • SysCloud

    Automated daily backups with data encryption, customizable retention policies, and granular recovery options.

    Price: $3/user/month

  • Altaro Office 365 Backup

    Comprehensive automated backups for Gmail, Drive, and other Google Workspace services with flexible restore options.

    Price: $4/user/month

  • BackupGuard

    Automated backups with easy setup and various recovery options, focusing on data security and compliance.

    Price: $2.99/user/month

  • Kaseya Unified Backup

    Automated backups integrated into a unified management console, offering robust data protection and recovery.

    Price: $5/user/month

  • MSP360

    Provides powerful automated backups with extensive recovery options for all Google Workspace data.

    Price: $2.49/user/month

  • SpinBackup

    Offers automated daily backups with strong encryption and efficient incremental backups.

    Price: $3/user/month

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