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offers a unified cryptological protected identity for the user across social media, and the internet at large.  Identity theft is rampant, especially with anonymous web users "pretending" to be other users.  Or conversely, the true identity of a user being "known" across the web.  Keybase offers a centralized directory of identities as well as shared encrypted folders and communications, such as chat.

Slack, which recently IPO'ed, doesn't offer end-to-end encryption because as they put it, "not something we’ve had much demand for from [paying enterprise business] customers."  They actually don't want it.  As a consequence, Slack doesn't provide for a way for encrypted communications and sharing of data.

Keybase offers a solution to this problem, for all users, by offering the same features as Slack, in addition to several others, such as the directory of encryption keys, encrypted communications, and data sharing.

"Keybase offers an end-to-end encrypted chat and cloud storage system,[3][4] called Keybase Chat and the Keybase filesystem respectively. Files placed in the public portion of the filesystem are served from a public endpoint,[4] as well as locally from a filesystem mounted by the Keybase client.[5]

Keybase supports publicly connecting TwitterGitHubRedditHacker News and Mastodon identities to encryption keys, along with Bitcoin and Zcash wallet addresses.[6][3][7][8] Keybase also supports connecting websites and domains under one's control. Keybase has supported Coinbase identities since initial public release, but ceased to do so on March 17, 2017 when Coinbase terminated public payment pages.[9] In general, Keybase allows for any service with public identities to integrate with Keybase.[8][10]"


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Keybase is more than a website. If you're comfortable working in a terminal, you should download the keybase app. You can do so much with it: sign, verify, encrypt, generate messages, sign code, move keys around, etc., all using GPG for the crypto.

Every account on Keybase has a public history. "Sigchains" let Keybase clients reconstruct the present without trusting Keybase's servers. And when you "follow" someone on Keybase, you sign a snapshot of your view of the claims in their sigchain.

Information about Keybase's encrypted chat product.

Our cloud-backed file system is live for all.

Documents describing Keybase's use of cryptography.

Keybase's protocol for external services wishing to be added as proof integrators.

Design, implementation and specification of Teams.

A description of Lockdown Mode, recommended for users who want extra protection for their Keybase account.

A description of Keybase's Stellar wallet implementation.

Linux-specific information about installing, using, and customizing Keybase.

Last modified: July 13, 2019