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"Google Analytics is a good tool: it’s free, easy to implement, and has served me well over the years. However, partly because I’m not in love with Big Brother Google looking over the shoulder of all my website visitors, and partly because I like experiments in minimalism, I decided to replace Google Analytics on benhoyt.com with a simple analytics setup based on log file parsing."


So, some customers have expressed hesitancy at providing so much data to Google.

Google Analytics is free, and it provides a detailed analysis of your web site's traffic.  However, it also funnels all of that traffic into Google's data servers to be used for further marketing and sales for Google, in an indirect way.

Remember, if service from a business is free, then you, the user, are the product for some other advertiser.

GoAccess is a simple site parsing tool that lies outside of Googles reach.  It uses the same tech like Google, but it was developed as an open source project.  Open source is the development of software by crowdsourcing volunteers from across the internet.  So, in this crucial aspect, it's free, but not run by a business, so you are not the product for marketers.

Last modified: May 3, 2019