covid 19 final

Why is the net so slow?

So, you're at home, and the internet is slow or buffering.  Yes, it's happening to everyone.  Everyone. at home, is streaming and downloading content which puts a tremendous amount of strain on your local network, between your ISP router and the switch in your local neighborhood that routes all your internet traffic.  There is nothing that can be done at this point to fix this situation.  Upgrading your Internet service will not solve the problem because it's not a matter of capacity, but bandwidth.  The faster speeds that you pay for will still suffer from local network congestion.

Help, I need you to come to my house to fix my issue.

So, I've heard terrible things about being sick with COVID-19.  I have seen videos of recovering patients telling of how they prayed for their lives with each breath, during the worst of the infection.  No, thanks though.  At this point, I have decided that the risk of catching a terrible perhaps life-ending illness is not worth the $120/hr that you would pay me to come to your house to fix your IT issues.

Well, do you still do remote work?  I can still connect to the internet.

Yes, remote work is my special for the time being. since I can't do much else.  I can walk you through any tech steps that need to be taken, independent of the computer, such as router or WiFi problems.  If your computer can connect to the internet, then I can log in with remote control software, take control of your computer, and fix the problem.

Last modified: March 30, 2020