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Career Synopsis

At an early age, I read that computers would revolutionize the world. My brother, a computer enthusiast, introduced me to my first experience with computers, an Apple][. With it's TV monitor and audio cassessette recorder hard drive, it was all I needed, at the age of nine, in 1981. Soon, I had recreated my favorite video game, Defender by Williams, in BASIC. After that there was no stopping me. I figured that I would always be employable if I understand and can create technology.

In my college years, at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, I blended computer annimation with my films in my Film Production B.F.A degree.

As a highly skilled and experienced engineer and creative professional, I have spent 29 years working across many industries, including video game development, software testing, and motion capture technology. My diverse and extensive background has allowed me to develop a strong proficiency in various software and hardware applications and a deep understanding of different operating systems and servers.

During my tenure at Sony, I had the opportunity to design and produce video games for PlayStation PC and other gaming consoles. This hands-on experience laid the foundation for my expertise in middleware development, as Unity and Unreal were yet to be available. I have since honed my skills in game development using Unity and C#, creating projects in my spare time.

In addition to my work at Sony, I have held engineering and test engineering roles at renowned companies such as Microsoft, Legato Systems, emc2, and Three Space Imagery. For example, I contributed to developing SQL, Exchange, and Windows servers at Microsoft. I also worked as a software tester for the WebDAV protocol, which powers services like Google Docs, boxed.com, and dropbox.com. In addition, I led test teams at Legato Systems for the SQL Server Backup and Exchange Server backup modules.

At Three Space Imagery, I further expanded my experience in motion capture technology when I applied my skills to create commercials for the Pillsbury Doughboy. At other times, I have also worked with OpenCV libraries and Python to generate photogrammetry and stereoscopic video and have developed mixed-reality AR video creations for advertising purposes. As a technophile, I enjoy using VR and AR equipment recreationally. In addition, my time at Sony and Three Space Imagery allowed us to develop our custom middleware, which was crucial in creating our video games, as middleware for video games generally didn't exist at that point.

I have acquired extensive knowledge of various software applications, including Photoshop, After Effects, Da Vinci, Office, Solid Works, and Blender. My expertise spans Windows, AWS, Azure, Apple systems, PC hardware, networking, video, photos, and servers, even Linux. My experience setting up web servers since 1998 has equipped me with the skills to configure and maintain LAMP stacks and IIS. Additionally, I have worked with CMS systems, such as WordPress, since 2013.

At Columbian Home Products, I worked with GenTran integrator and developed C# and VB middleware to transform and report business data as needed. I have also played a key role in integrating the data of six acquired companies, further demonstrating my ability to adapt and excel in various environments.

Over the past eight years, I have gained valuable knowledge, experience, and skills in running a sole proprietor business, including marketing, collections, client management, government interaction, financial responsibility, customer service, legal knowledge, research, and practice. I experienced working long hours, being available 24/7, and accepting every call that came my way. My charming, witty, and endearing nature ensures that each customer encounter is pleasant, profitable, rewarding, and successful. Above all, I experience the freedom of being a sole proprietor.

In conclusion, my diverse background in engineering, creative work, software development, and entrepreneurship has equipped me with a unique skill set and extensive knowledge that I continually apply to excel in my professional endeavors.


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My Professional Journey - A Snapshot by Kyle
From the moment I encountered my first computer, an Apple II that my tech-savvy brother introduced me to back in 1981, I knew I was onto something extraordinary. At just nine years old, I was thrilled by the possibilities that this revolutionary machine offered. I recreated my favorite video game, Defender by Williams, in BASIC, and this sparked a lifelong passion for technology. I believed, even then, that understanding and creating technology was my ticket to lifelong employability.
During my college days at NYU's Tisch School of Arts, I had the opportunity to blend my newfound love for computer animation with my film studies, and this formed the foundation of my B.F.A degree in Film Production.
Over the last 29 years, I've had the pleasure of working in various industries, including video game development, software testing, and motion capture technology. This vast and varied experience has honed my proficiency in a range of software and hardware applications and has deepened my understanding of different operating systems and servers.
My stint at Sony proved instrumental in shaping my expertise. I was privileged to design and produce video games for PlayStation PC and other gaming consoles, long before middleware platforms like Unity and Unreal were available. Nowadays, I continue to refine my skills in game development using Unity and C#, often indulging in this passion during my spare time.
I've also been fortunate to work with esteemed organizations such as Microsoft, Legato Systems, emc2, and Three Space Imagery. During my tenure at Microsoft, I was involved in developing SQL, Exchange, and Windows servers. I've also tested software for the WebDAV protocol, which is now integral to services like Google Docs, Boxed.com, and Dropbox.com.
At Three Space Imagery, I had the opportunity to expand my experience in motion capture technology, creating commercials for brands like the Pillsbury Doughboy. I've also worked with OpenCV libraries and Python to produce photogrammetry and stereoscopic video, and even ventured into developing mixed-reality AR video for advertising.
Throughout my career, I've gained proficiency in a plethora of software applications, including Photoshop, After Effects, Da Vinci, Office, Solid Works, and Blender, to name a few. My technical repertoire includes Windows, AWS, Azure, Apple systems, PC hardware, networking, video, photos, and servers, and even Linux. My experience with setting up web servers since 1998 has equipped me with the skills to handle LAMP stacks and IIS, and I've been working with CMS systems like WordPress since 2013.
At Columbian Home Products, I worked with the GenTran integrator and developed C# and VB middleware to transform and report business data. I've also been a key player in integrating data for six acquired companies, a testament to my adaptability and determination.
For the past eight years, I've also had the unique experience of running my own business. It has been a rewarding journey that's taught me invaluable lessons in areas such as marketing, client management, financial responsibility, and customer service, to name a few. I've learned to be available and responsive 24/7, but most importantly, I've enjoyed the freedom and satisfaction that comes with being a sole proprietor.
My journey has been diverse and dynamic, spanning engineering, creative work, software development, and entrepreneurship. I believe this unique blend of experiences and skills sets me apart and propels me to continually excel in my professional endeavors.

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Computer Animation, Film Production, Software Testing, Motion Capture Technology, Game Development, Unity, C#, Microsoft, SQL, Exchange, Windows Servers, WebDAV Protocol, OpenCV, Python, Photogrammetry, Stereoscopic Video, Mixed-Reality AR, LAMP Stacks, IIS, WordPress, GenTran Integrator, C# Middleware, VB Middleware, Data Integration, Sole Proprietorship.

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Apple II, BASIC Programming, NYU's Tisch School of Arts, Video Game Design, PlayStation PC, Middleware Development, Legato Systems, emc2, Three Space Imagery, Pillsbury Doughboy Commercial, Photoshop, After Effects, Da Vinci, Office, Solid Works, Blender, AWS, Azure, PC Hardware, Linux.

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Technical Program/Project ManagementAnalytical SkillsDetail OrientedDigital ContentDigital Product ManagementEditingLocalizationProactivityResourcingTelecommutingTime ManagementVerbal Communication Skills
Preferred industry experience

Information Technology & Services

Experience level

5 - 8 years experience

Job description
The Content Specialist is an important part of the digital content team and is responsible for authoring content in the CMS (ContentStack), styling content, mapping content using existing assets, and maintaining consistency in the CMS environment. Additionally the Content Specialist plays an important role in the QA and testing of courses and modules before they’re published and released to the market. They will work closely with the CMS Administrator, the Digital Product Owner, the Content team, Engineering, and with our translation partners.


CMS - ideally ContentStack. Loading content and updating content.
HTML editing (including tags and styling)
Processing VTT files, images, other learning resourcing.
MS Office
localization/translation (preferred, not required)
experience working in a shared content environment with content mapping (preferred, not required)
Personal Skills:

Organized, good time management, works independent, pro-active attitude
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Effective working remotely in a fast-paced environment
Good attention to detail and analytical skills
Ability to solve problems and know when to escalate


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Dear Hiring Manager,
With 29 years of experience in technology, I am excited to apply for the Content Specialist position. My background spans various industries, including software testing and development, where I honed my analytical skills and attention to detail.
Having worked with CMS systems like WordPress since 2013, I am confident in my ability to manage content effectively in ContentStack. My experience in HTML editing and handling resources like VTT files and images aligns well with your requirements.
As a sole proprietor, I've mastered the art of time management, working independently, and proactive problem solving. My strong communication skills were honed during my tenure at esteemed organizations like Sony and Microsoft, where I worked in fast-paced, collaborative environments.
Thank you for considering my application.

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Dear Hiring Manager,
With 29 years in tech and a strong background in software testing and development, I'm eager to apply for the Content Specialist position. My proficiency in CMS systems like WordPress, HTML editing, and handling various resources fits perfectly with your requirements. As a sole proprietor, I've honed time management, independent work, and proactive problem-solving. I look forward to bringing these skills to your team.

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